Working in China

In 2019 for non immigration visas the number per capita for China is about the same as the global average, both are about 1 per thousand of population.

For immigration visas there are about three times fewer per capita issued to Chinese compared to the global average. So on that count it is less, but perhaps not dramatically so.

if the argument is that the usa rejects chinese applications, shouldn’t we be looking at the number of granted visas compared to total application ?
visas per capita doesn’t really reveal whether the usa is rejecting chinese more than they reject bangladeshis or swedes

Well I can tell you for any country the US has poor relationship to, it’s quite high. Visa acceptance is hugely political whether they say it or not. This is true for many countries.

I think the standard for a country to be allowed visa wavier program is something like 95% visa acceptance rate.

I can think of another reason. :smirk:

Before you think Canadians don’t need to come over illegally, think again. Canada is hugely dependent on America. 80% of their population lives within 100 miles of the border tells you something.

That’s not how it works. The border has been closed for much of this year, except for so-called “essential” travel, yet neither country has managed to collapse.


Yes and no. Lots of crap, for sure. Also good stuff, if you take the time to look for it, though anything imported is more expensive, and fakes are sometimes hard to spot. Even bottled water turns out to be fake sometimes. :sick:

the atmosphere is polluted,

Yes. :mask:

if you teach they will send CCP members to attend your classes or watch you,

In schools every class has a (human) monitor. These days they’re likely to be watching by camera as well, I suppose. Actually sending someone in person just to watch the class, that also happens, but if it happens every single time then you’re probably teaching something terribly interesting (either politically sensitive or just interesting enough that the person wants free tuition, or if it’s a fellow teacher then free teaching tips).

the internet is down unless you use VPN and they can bring that down too.

Things become inaccessible seemingly at random, even email. Depending on what your needs are, it may be a slight nuisance or a major problem.

The Chinese get upset at the slightest possible insult yet the feel free to insult America non-stop. Some individual people are nice, the very top .001% who want to leave, the rest are brainwashed robots.

It’s easy to attract boring people. The interesting ones don’t run up to you and say hi I’m an interesting person and no more brainwashed than you are. You usually need to make an effort.

And there are many in the middle class who dream of emigrating.

You’re better off in Kazakhstan, literally, I go there as well to teach.

I would love to hear more about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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