Working in Taoyuan, Living in Taipei


Hi everyone,

After staying in Taiwan (Zhongli to be exact) for the past 5 Months, I will return in February next year to stay for 2 years in Taiwan, while working in Pingzhen (Taoyouan County).

Personally I want to move to Taipei now, to be able to build some sort of life outside of work, since that was rather difficult in Zhongli without a lack of proficient Chinese Skills (and also any kind of Life in this City). So I was already looking at especially Shilin and Da’an to see if I like the areas and surroundings. I would get an monthly allowance for the appartment, so the rent wouldn’t be a problem.

However now, I have 2-3 concerns about my plan:

  1. Does anybody have experience with the commute from Taipei to Taoyouan every day? I know this will be around 2 hours every day, so I’m not sure how feasible that is for 2 years.

  2. Finding Appartments in Da’an with a parking spot included seems to be very difficult. Is there a possiblity to find something without a Parking Spot and then buy that seperately? Is that realistic?

  3. Unfortunately I have to leave in two weeks due to Visa Issues, so I won’t be back until February. Is it realistic to find a place in two weeks?

Would be great if someone could help me on this topic.

Thanks and good night,


I think that 2 hour commute will be daunting after a few months.


I think there was a thread about this awhile ago…I’ll see if I can dig it up later.

Well…you will be going against traffic in the morning and in the evening, so it should be smooth sailing both ways. I had a friend who worked in Linkou and lived in Taipei. One lived in Zhongshan and one lived in Shilin. They both chose areas closer to on ramps to the highway to lessen travel in the city. They said on normal days it’s 40 mins one way. In worst case scenario it has taken them 2 hours.

Consider taking public transport out of Taipei to maybe a scooter or bike to the office?

Yes, a lot of the district parking lots under parks and schools have 8PM to 8AM monthly parking available. However, you have to add in time to walk to your car in the morning to add to your commute. Best to find a place with a parking garage.

Finding housing in Daan is very hard since a lot of the best schools in Taipei are in Daan. You’re also in the most central district in Taipei, so pretty convenient to get everywhere.

If you don’t have a very tight budget and aren’t picky about your place of residence, yes. Most good apartments will be snatched up fairly quickly, so if you see that it’s a good deal in an area you want, bring enough cash on you for deposits, or someone might beat you to it. Most landlords will go by whoever gives them the security deposit first. You may say, “I’ll take it”, walk downstairs to the ATM and come back only to find someone else has handed over the deposit first.


You’d be surprised at how many people commute out of Taipei in the mornings! I have a coworker who commutes from Muzha (Taipei) to Guanyin (Taoyuan) and she complains all the time about the traffic jams.


Is your work close to any of the Taoyuan airport MRT stops? Or within a reasonable bus ride from one of the commuter stops? Might be possible to commute that way.

Yuanshan MRT station has a small bus station that has buses which go to Taoyuan. Never taken one, so I’m not too familiar with them.

Also Taipei Main station has buses that go that way.


Daan MRT to Taipei main station about 10-15 minutes, Taipei main station to Jhongli train station about 50 minutes. Bus to Pingzhen will then be about 10 minutes. A pretty crappy commute but generally pretty reliable.

Driving from the edge of Taipei to Pingzhen should be around 50 minutes depending upon traffic. I’d guess it will take 10-20 minutes to get from Daan to the freeway. A pretty crappy drive during rush hour, but as has been mentioned generally against the traffic. Less reliable than public transport.


From a pal that does that, it is a nightmare. And when the car broke down and he had to take the train, he had to get up at literally the crack of dawn.

Honestly, if you are at work 9 to 5 (who am I kidding, 9 to 7 let’s be realistic) you will be yearning for home/bed, not to get out. You can socialize all you want on weekends. Monday to Friday people are busy. Maybe find a nice place in Taoyuan close to the train or the new MRT, quick ride into the city, have fun, taxi back, no problem. Living in Taipei will be grinding.


Thanks for the quick replies, maybe to sum it up.

My budget would be around 40k a month. How much would be the costs for utilities roughly (single household)?

Work is not close to any mrt stations unfortunately. Not even bus stops as far as i know.

I‘m also from germany and lived in the US for a while, so commuting 45 mins a day would be actually okish for me still. Especially since I know how bad the taoyuan area is.

But as a general question. Finding something in taoyuan close to the MRT is probably easier if I understand you correctly.


If you get from one to the other without waiting. Otherwise it will stretch easily 30 minutes or so.


Budget for rent? In Daan? No way you get a decent place for that


Again, this is not Europe. You do not have typhoons/quakes/so many fires and emergencies/such density of population. Yes, I have many friends who lived and worked in Europe, oh we can do the one hour communte that is nothing they say. Then the proverbial manure hits the fan and their well laid minute by minute plans go to hell. Literally.

I’d say if you insist take a short term lease and try it out, but remember: driving in Taipei ain’t no autobahn. Heck, it is friggin deadly out there. Law of the jungle. Ask people who do the drive. 45 minutes is too charitable, unless you live in Taoyuan proper.


You’re probably right, there’s probably more than I imagine. Nonetheless, I have to assume it’s less than those that commute into Taipei.

A family friend actually commutes via HSR from Hsinchu to Taipei…everyday. A monthly HSR ticket + rent worked out to be cheaper than renting in Taipei close to work. It’s crazy.

40k is more than enough if you’re looking for a mid-high end studio or even a bi-level (樓中樓) in a building with a 24 hour guard/garage/amenities.

If you want one of those 3 bedroom, living room, dining room, front+back balcony in Daan, forget about it. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.


Then we’re talking about 12-15 ping, 45 sq mtr, 500 sq ft?


Yup. I’m not entirely sure what OP means with single household, but with the OP’s budget and time constraints, it’s possible to find what we’ve described. Anything that’s more of a family style (that isn’t a shared apartment), would be pretty tough to find, especailly in Daan.


And then still have that hellish commute every day!

With a budget like that, just get a nice new place at one of those buildings around the Taoyuan HSR. Brand new area with a nice park, the new outlet malls (and soon movie theaters), and have easy access to the highway and the rest of Taiwan via the HSR. :2cents:


However, assuming OP is single and not married, OP is still traveling pretty far for the social life. Which is why he’s getting out of Taoyuan/Zhong Li in the first place.

Ok fine, it’s not that far via HSR, but say, an outing in the more eastern part of town has to end before 11-1130 since OP needs time to catch the last train out of Taipei Main. Arriving early isn’t an option because he’s commuting in after work and by the time he either parks the car or walks to the destination, he’s got roughly 2-3 hours before he’s gotta leave.

Resolution: New job in Taipei.


He’ll just have to make his own cost/benefit evaluation and see what is worth it for him.

Personally, making that commute 5 days a week just so it’s more convenient to go out every night just isn’t worth it. I’d save 5 days of commuting and just go out on the weekends.

On top of the 8-9 hour work day, he has to factor in 2-3 hours of just commuting, and then still want to go out?

Yes, I just realized how old I sound after typing this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There are 24h sauna and massage places.:wink:


Going out on a weekday is just…unheard of for me (too).

Ok I lied, I still go home after work and get geared up to go ride my bike until pretty late.

On a 40k monthly budget, that’s definitely doable. Don’t have to worry about utilities too!


Maybe move to linkou?