Working in Yilan public schools

Does anyone teach in a public school in Yilan?
What was your experience like?
What is the program called?

That would be under the MOE’s “Foreign English Teachers” Program.

Are you state certified (sub or regular) back home? If so, I teach in an Yilan public school and I’m leaving at the end of July (moving to Taipei). The school hasn’t started to recruitment process to replace me yet, but they definitely are planning to. What age group do you prefer?

Are you hired by the school?
Or are you hired through one of the “agents”?

By the school directly.

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Public Schools hire through the MOE. If you’re interested, jump on the site I linked. Their postings are out already.
Yilan has two school postings:

礁溪國中(1 teacher)Jiaoxi Junior High School

育英國小/東咗國小(1 teacher)Yuying Elementary School/ Dong-Shin Elementary School

Other than that, there are no open MOE postings in the county, unless you go through a private recruiter

Yes I am certified. I prefer elementary school students.

I am still under contract with my current school until 2019.07.31, so it’s more of a “in the future” decision. However, my school might cut one teacher and move them to another school from August 1st (fingers crossed it’s not myself) which would suck.

I feel like if I break my contract it would not look good in the eyes of previous or future employers.

This job wouldn’t start until August, so no need to break contract if you’re into it. It’s Senior High though.

My contract finishes 2019 not 2018.

Sorry, I misseed that! Good luck then - I hope you don’t get stuck with an unwanted transfer.

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