Working without a degree

Hey everyone,

If i marry my Taiwanese partner, is it correct to assume i can get a visa that allows for open work rights? I’m currently studying for my bachelor’s degree, however, if i could just get a decent paying job that doesn’t require a degree i obviously don’t want to waste my time studying if i can just move over to Taiwan sooner.

I’m Australian, in my early twenties, and am a university student.

What advice can you guys give me?


Yes, you will have open work rights.

Unless you have very good Chinese ability you’re almost certainly looking at English teaching. At least to start with.

EDIT: I’m assuming your partner is the opposite sex.

But don’t you need a degree to teach English?

Yes, but a JFRV (spouse sponsored work permit) bypasses that.

Correct, I’m a guy as she is a girl. Also, just for the sake of extra details, I’m also Caucasian… only stating this because i have heard if you’re not sometimes there is discrimination in workplace hiring…

Get your degree first. That’s advice from a boring old fart.

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Really, so basically employers in the English teaching sector don’t actually care if you have a degree or not if you have a JFRV?

The truth is most of them don’t. However, you won’t get employed by the good ones.

Open an Australian eatery, kangaroo steaks and crocodile fillet will do well probably. :thinking:

Not a bad idea actually, lol.

What is difference between “most” and the “good ones”?

My goal would be to go to Taiwan if i don’t need a degree and find a job with a decent salary and enrol in a Mandarin school and learn Mandarin until i was competent enough to use it in another job. Would that be a good idea?

Better pay. Benefits such as paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid public holidays…

There’s no fixed rule, but in general anything lower then upper intermediate Chinese is useless when obtaining employment. I’m a teacher, though, so maybe posters who work outside education will know more.

What kind of salary could i get without a degree and with a degree doing English teaching? from your knowledge and experience.

I’ve been out of the newbie loop too long, and I don’t know the Taichung market. Probably 50-70k a month either with or without a degree.

So that is basically the reason you suggest I get my degree first?

Just complete the bloody degree. Just get it done.

Really? So will having the degree be necessary if i wanna get other jobs assuming i also can speak enough Mandarin?

With a JFRV not unless it’s a requirement of the employer.

This is getting close to legal advice, though. I’m no expert.