Workout equipment stores in Taipei

Hello everyone,

I have just moved to Taipei to study Mandarin for a few months. I am starting a P90X style workout and need some basic equipment for home. I have read many similar threads on Forumosa asking where to find some of this gear, but most of the links (especially for Ruten, Yahoo and PCHome) no longer work.

So if anyone can help me figure out which stores (preferred) or online I can find:

  1. Adjustable handheld weights (e.g. the kind where you use a dial to change which discs are connected). If it’s a PITA I can buy regular free weights with the plates.
  2. A proper chin-up bar. I only have one doorway I can use and it has no lip/sill. I am not sure if it will work at all.
  3. Thick mats (1") like they use under power cages and on gym floors. I have seen the soft interlocking foam tiles they sell in Carrefour for use with kids, but I was hoping for something a little more durable.

Today I am going to look around the stores in the area known to have sports equipment stores (Xinyi Lu sec 3/4 and around) but I also wanted to ask here.


One of these stores should have everything you need. … a=N&tab=wl