Worksheet: How Doughnuts Work -- A Listening Lesson

I’m a teacher starting a career in ELT publishing and am building a portfolio of material writing. If you’re teaching a conversation class and need something to teach, or just feel like you’re an expert conversation teacher, would you mind looking at this worksheet with teacher notes?

Topic: how Krispy Kreme makes doughnuts
Lesson in Brief: read short passage, watch 1 minute video from Google Video, answer questions, group discussion
Matierials needed: Internet access, computer with audio sound card, printout of worksheets.
Time: One 1- to 2-hour class, one tutoring session

The worksheet is similar to those found on onestopenglish. I’ve taught it a few times but know that the true test is having someone else teach your material.

The worksheet can be found on my website at:
the e in English is lowercase![/b]