Workshop registration possible for foreigners?

I recently visited the nice folks up at the CLA (who really WERE as helpful as they could possibly manage to be given the legal restrictions they’re under) and they all agree that it’s a shame that there is no category for Article 51© foreigners (i.e., the ugly, unmarriagable ones like me :laughing: ) to get some sort of open work permit as a freelancer. My profession, which I’ve been working in for the past 17 years, simply isn’t one where one is hired as a full-time worker in a company; everything is done on a case by case basis.

According to what Richard and others have said in the past, it’s not illegal to freelance as a translator…the problem is, is there any way to make that the basis for being resident in Taiwan? Can a foreigner set up a “workshop” type business registration, or a one-person company? Would the capital requirement still be 500,000?

Right. You have hit on the crux of it . . . . . . which is to say that you can do it, but it will be very difficult to base a visa application on that status.

By “very difficult” . . . . . . I mean to say that it doesn’t appear to be possible . . . . . . but it might be, if one entered a long legal battle. (I would suggest forgetting that approach.)