World Animal Day Symposium with TW SPCA, HK SPCA, Singapore SPCA, Humane Society International!

World Animal Day Symposium
October 13-14th (Sat-Sunday)

Did you know that October 4th is World Animal Day? The annual event is celebrated around the world by animal-lovers, schools, places of worship and ordinary members of the public!

World Animal Day celebrates humankind’s unique relationship with the animal kingdom, and acknowledges the numerous ways in which animals enrich our lives. You don’t have to be an activist; you just have to care.

The TW SPCA is celebrating our love for animals by hosting an International animal welfare symposium with the Taipei City Animal Protection Office and NTU Veterinary School/LCA. This year we have flown in speakers from around the world to share with us their animal welfare experiences, expertise, and most importantly of all, to create dialogue with Taiwanese animal welfare advocates, the Taiwanese government, and the general public.
We hope to promote animal welfare education, generate a better understanding of animal-human relationships, to recognize global animal protection issues, and to improve animal welfare standards in the governmental level as well as within the general society.

SIGN UP FREE for a full day of intriguing topics given by Mr. Tony Ho from the HK SPCA, Ms. Corinne Fong from the Singapore SPCA, Ms. Iris Ho from Humane Society International, and local speakers from the TW SPCA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Protection Office. The second day (Sunday) will be a half day of smaller workshops that will allow you to discuss in depth about a certain animal welfare topic with our foreign speakers. SIGN UP NOW TO GUARANTEE ENTRANCE (200 people max.) … 26371.html

Foreign speakers will present in English with PPT slides that will have both Chinese and English subtitles