World Chinese Language Teachers Association Meeting

seventh world chinese language teachers meeting in taipei

here’s some
I took from the meeting.

The meeting is held from 27 to 29 December at the Youth Activity center in Jiantan.


If this is the same bunch working from behind the “Pioneer” Chinese teaching buxiban, they’re hardly “world”. Checked it out a few years back and decided not to bother.

To present a paper, you have to register more than a year in advance. I doubt they’ll get anyone from outside Taiwan (but then again, you foreigners wouldn’t know anything about teaching Chinese, would you??)

If it’s Shita – then the same thing applies, only the tune is “you people from outside Shita wouldn’t know much…” :unamused:

You may be right Ironlady. Most of the teachers are Taiwanese. I met some from Indonesia, Hongkong, PRC, Thailand firsthand. In the photos, you can see George from University of Chicago, Miss Lin from Rose Marie Int’l school Thailand, and Haji Max from Indonesia.

Others are learners, writers, poets, chinese teaching material designer from all across the world.

Btw, sold quite a few squabbles at the venue.