World cup / england stuff

my search for an inflatable jules rimet trophy has unbelievably ended in vain.

however, i’m still looking for world cup, particulary englan related stuff like

flags, hats, wigs, banners basically anything to do with football or england that we can use for decorations at our word cup party.

saw a shirt at Adidas store… thats about it… good luck

Best reliable bet for me would be to get stuff shipped from the UK! But I guess you thought of that already! :wink:

Yeah, i figured that, but the shipping is probably more expensive than the stuff i want.

i thought i’d at least be able to get hold of some st georges flags here though…

I’m off home tomorrow for a couple of weeks so what do you want and how much? I will be able to bring back a fair bit so a long as you can pay the shipping from Taichung once I am back, and a little for my efforts, I would be willing to be the World Cup shipping Donkey as we need all the support we can get! :wink: