⚽ World Cup | Venue to watch the World Cup in Kaohsiung?

Hi everyone, does any of you that lives / knows well Kaohsiung that could recommend a good venue,bar, spot to see the World Cup Matches?

My experience with the Previous World Cup: I was In Kaohsiung for a week and it was hard to find a good place to see the games. On every Bar we needed to ask IF could change their baseball/basketball game to World Cup Matches :roll_eyes:

Later we found only ONE place with World Cup theme, but was too small: Foster Hewitt’s Sports Bar

So… Dear 高雄人 I’d be grateful if you could share your recommendation

I found this advertisement from Adidas, my chinese is not thaat good, but apparently if you go to a restaurant bar called 金色三麥啤酒餐廳, ( taipei, tainan and Kaohsiung ) Go with your team jersey u can get discounts and free entrance.

Also seems need to book/ reserve first

That’s a good brewpub. Also, they have buy-one-get-one (any size) in the afternoons. They allow you to order the last one(s) even 1 minute before deal is over for the day.
Great deal that I’ve taken advantage of too many times.

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