WORLD CUP! Who will WIN?

I was origionally going to tip the Poms to win, due to the fact that if they hadn’t have sentenced my great, great grandfather to Australia to serve twenty years hard labour for stealing a loaf of bread, I’d be Irish . But shit happens, he stole, he rowed and alas, Australia was born.

Anyway, I’m no soccer expert, and I don’t claim to be, but the game between England and Sweeden was sooooooooo boring compared to the Argentina Nigeria game earlier on.

After that analysis, I’m putting my kiss of death on the Germans. Other tips please …

Footnote : Go the Socceroos

I hate soccer … but I do hope Argentina wins

My country’s wanky team didn’t even qualify, so all I can do is cheer for any team that plays against those sassenach women. Come on Argentina!

Mine did qualify … but pointless to be patriotic … Bafana Bafana … EEEEEEEEK !!

Nice one sandman …

OK, that’s two for Argrntina and one for Germany. Cummon, is that it?

U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. (heard as chanted by all 10,000 US soccer fans)

I think the U.S. has a good chance of making it through to the second round after their brilliant and unexpected performance against Portugal. In fact, it now looks like they have a better chance of going through than France. Looking forward to a brutal and exciting match tonight between Argentina and England.

Don’t forget about the boys in green.

What other sport (besides ice hockey, which is football on ice with sticks and a smaller field) can sides play for 90 minutes and at the end the score is NIL-NIL?
“Oh, but look at all those great moves and passes and …”
Yeah, right.
“The crowd is going wild and what an exciting match it was! NO ONE SCORED ANY GOALS AT ALL!”
Something is wrong with a game that routinely ends with no score. And then you have the shoot-out deal which can give the “win” to the team that never went off defense, never came close to scoring a goal – all because of a mistake at the end-of-game shooting gallery?
Football is boring and for the simple minded – that’s why it is the world’s-most popular sport: even the vast uneducated in impoverished countries can understand the game. One side tries to kick the ball in the other’s goal and vice versa. And no triping or using your hands.

El que no salta es Ingles!

actually, surprisingly, I don’t think there’s been a nil-nil game YET in this world cup. I heard it’s because they’ve redesigned the regulation ball to be lighter, so it’s faster and harder to handle. Can’t wait until they do the same to the tennis ball!!

Yes, those more exciting 1-0 games…zzzzzzzzz

Hey Wolf, we’ve already established that you’re are far too dogmatic to enjoy a game of any sorts. IMHO world footie is tops if you are a countryman of one of the participants and have an understanding of the game. Now baseball and cricket, they are dull games.
For what it’s worth I’ll be happy if France fail to qualify for the last 16 and the poms take another notable scalp.

quote[quote] you're are far too dogmatic to enjoy a game of any sorts. [/quote]

Uh, OK.

France is OUTTA HERE!!

South Africa -Viva Bafana Bafana, Vrystaat! etc…

We can but dream!

My votes for Xibanya!!! …but again, I am Spanish, what can I say??? Hope we can beat the Koreans on Saturday!

It is going to be Brazil and the US. The US will win the final 4-1.

Dem’s the facts!

To those that don’t know yet:
Brasil will beat the Queens’ today, and the US will kick the Krauts back to the Schwarzwald. Enjoy!

it’s all said and done. Brits can pack up their hooligans and go home… Brazil took 'em out.

let’s see if the US to knock off the Germans and the Spaniards and then fall to the Senegalese in the final after the Senegalese upset of Brazil. that would be the shiznit. World Cup on its head!