World Gym Joining Experience - What a Scam


That was a nice gym. I think its still there. It used to be NT$ 10K per year.


I just see nothing wrong with spending extra money on health and fitness. It’s the one area in life that people should allow themselves to break budget. We can easily do without all the gadgets, the brand name shit, the wasted materialism, but don’t skimp on your health. Eat better quality food with good sources of protein and fiber, and work out at a nice gym that has all the essentials to keep you busy year in and year out. You’re future self will thank you for it.

TRX at home is super cheap and a great workout for the motivated. But come on, how long can a person seriously keep up that routine?


I checked out World Gym, Taoyuan a couple of moths back and had a similar experience. They tried to do a hard sell. When I asked for the price they avoided it and went on with more sales spiel. When we finally got to the price it worked out to be approx. $700 Australian dollars for one year. They also said they don’t take cash up front for payment. I don’t understand this everyone in Taiwan uses cash, I don’t believe is credit cards never have never will. With a markup like that which is twice the price of a gym in Australia I said no I didn’t waste my time trying to bargain. That explains why I only saw 5 people at the gym I thought. Who in Taiwan could afford those prices with the low wage they get here. Now I workout at the local park doing some basic workouts and calisthenics. I would like to join a gym but I’m not a gym junkie, I’d probably go twice a week as the park is a great alternative and you have fresh air. The downsides are the Taiwan humidity and rain.


What crazy cheap Australian gym were you going to? Obviously not one with classes or the equipment equivalent to what world gym provides. That’s ok if you don’t want that stuff but I suppose you need to compare apples with apples. I just toured the world gym at the Sanduo Sogo in Kaohsiung and it has everything including stacks of classes, cycle studio, lots of equipment, not crowded at 6pm, free weights (not as many as foreign gym goers would like but the Taiwanese aren’t using them so you can go for your life).

In 2014 the Aussie dollar was strong, now it’s plummeted so converting the rate you gave back to Taiwan dollars won’t be applicable now.

The sales process was worse than I could imagine even after reading others’ posts. I was approached downstairs by a rep who offered me a 3 day pass to try the gym. Sure I said, trying is the best way to know if I’ll like it right?

When I went it took 2 hours for them to finally give me the 3 day pass (which included that day, but I was waaay too drained to think about it after all that, 2 hours of gym Chinese arrrggh). Gym tour ok, fitness test insulting (I’m in ok shape so the guy had to find something ridiculous to make me feel bad about). Then the ridiculous pitch where they won’t tell me the price until I say I’ll sign up (without knowing the price). It went on for so long! My husband and I told the rep we’re serious about coming to the gym and want to join but want to talk it over tonight and do the 3 day trial before signing the contract. That drove the sales guy crazy! I was just upset because they promised me a 3 day trial and then wouldn’t give it to me.

They showed me a price list eventually, 2 year contract at 1888 per month with about 5000 set-up fee. By my refusal to commit this came down to set up of 2888 and 1488 per month. Still too high. I walked out eventually with my 3 day pass and the guy said we could talk about the price more if needed. Actually it’s not that I think that price is too high (would prefer no set up fee and told him that though) it’s just that I didn’t like the way I was treated and told him so!

However their strategy obviously works and maybe I’m just a silly foreigner who can’t put up with this kind of thing. It’s pretty well known that Australians can’t stand being sold to.


That sounds reasonable. They have one in Xizhi where I live. It’s advertised as the biggest facility in Taiwan, complete with a pool. I won’t join because I don’t do much weights anymore, I like to switch around on pools, and I prefer doing my running and definitely my cycling outdoors.

I agree that they must be on to something because they opened one (a huge one) in the boonies of Xizhi.


The best thing to do is the join a New Taipei City club then buy the north area membership. 1188 and you can go to any of the clubs in taipei or new taipei city except for the premium clubs like the 101. I’ve since let my membership lapse because I enjoy being outside more, and they don’t take care of the clubs here. People don’t wipe down machines, and they will sit and watch TV on the machines.


Seems high.
Now that I have heard from friends what they pay the most I would pay is $900 -1000nt tops.
My friend signed a 3 year at world gym for 750 a month and a student in Taichung is paying 900 a month on a one year contract. Unless Taipei is just more expensive to sign up

When salesmen pressure I walk out. In fact for me, knowing their scuzzy tactics is what keeps me from joining gyms and buying cars other than private as I dont want to deal with them. Give me your lowest non negotiable price and I’ll think about it.


The only gym worth joining if you want a legit gym with no bullshit is Formosa Fitness.
You better know how to squat, OHP, and Bench… this aint a fuu fuu gym.

I was a member for several months and unfortunately had to stop going after I messed up my shoulder and hip.

I’m now doing Barstarzz routine in the public park… because its free and pullups are a legit exercise, no doubt about it. …

but its really f’n annoying when the octogenarian posse invade and use the poles for some kind of massage therapy rubbing their backs into the poles and the whole area is full of a gossiping powwow…or see a 90 year old fling her leg up over a dip bar to do some ballerina stuff.

I dont mind little kids climbing on stuff… atleast they are doing SOMETHING with the equipment that it was meant for.

But doing dips towards a grandmas smelly feet, not so much.