World Heritage bid hope for wall - Scotland

Something to keep those pesky Picts out…

The wall marked the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire

Scotland’s culture minister has thrown her weight behind the bid to make the Antonine Wall a World Heritage Site.

Patricia Ferguson said the wall, at one time the most northern frontier of the Roman Empire, was “an outstanding archaeological treasure”.

Five local authorities are also supporting the bid, which was officially launched in 2003.

The Antonine Wall runs 37 miles from Bo’ness, near Falkirk, to Old Kilpatrick in West Dunbartonshire.

The support signing ceremony was witnessed by archaeologists from several European countries who were in Scotland for a conference on the Frontiers of the Roman Empire.

The wall was built in 140AD to keep Pictish warriors out of the Roman Empire after the conquest of southern Scotland.

Roman invasion

Under the title Frontiers of the Roman Empire, a multi-national bid will be put forward incorporating the Antonine Wall, sites in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as Hadrian’s Wall.

The Antonine Wall was built after the Romans invaded southern and central Scotland almost 2,000 years ago.

It became a monument to the reign of Emperor Antonius Pius but was abandoned after just a generation, about 160AD.

Scotland’s existing four World Heritage sites are Edinburgh’s Old and New towns, the St Kilda archipelago, New Lanark and Orkney’s “Neolithic Heart”.[/quote]

I found a Roman coin along that wall when I was a kid. My teacher nicked it off me. She was English. I shit you not.

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Antonine Wall
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does this wall have just 1 name?

i was certain i knew another name for it…