World of Warcraft players in Taiwan

Is anybody else playing World of Warcraft in Taiwan? I’m currently on the Kargath Server with a 17th lvl undead mage. I need some help completing a few quests and would like to team up with other people from time to time.


Okami, did you import your game from the States? I checked a couple sites around the net and they don’t ship to Taiwan. I think only gamestop ships to Taiwan but they’re charging $32USD for shipping.

I imported the game through a family member. It cost me $50 for the game + $12 for shipping. It’s definitely worth it. I haven’t had much of a delay hooking up to the US servers unless my roommate is downloading a lot.

Greetings Okami!

I’ve been playing here in Taiwan since about January (I picked the game up on a trip to the U.S. around Christmas). I’ve been playing on the Silver Hand server with a Night Elf Hunter and a Druid. Usually, I team up with my fellow guild friends who are all back in California, but the time difference makes this a bit inconvenient. I’ve also been looking for others in Taiwan who are playing.

I still play my undead mage lvl 26 now on the Kargath server, grouping up has gotten a lot easier now for me.

I’m not too interested in alliance characters, unless I’m killing them. :smiling_imp:

Keep me posted on what you’re up to. I’ve been exploring a lot more with my character now.


Do you get or buy WoW her in Taipei? I picked up Kotor2 yesterday (with Chinese manual, but who reads those :slight_smile: but cant find any WoW or even City of Heroes.

The only way you can get WoW is to import it from the States. Its pretty much impossible to find a foreign MMO here in Taiwan.

I imported the game two weeks ago and I’m playing on Hyjal with a couple of people from my old guild in Everquest. Look up an Undead Warrior called Khraven if you need any help in game. Horde newbie quests are lacking though, I played an Alliance toon during the beta and the pre 30 Alliance is a hell of a lot better than the Horde and it seems like Blizzard still hasn’t fleshed out the Horde side yet.

My Undead mage(Mtyrel on Kargath server) is now lvl 31 and should hit 32 pretty soon. I like most of the quests for the horde. I haven’t really played the alliance at all. I like the camaraderie and teamwork that can develop between people in the game and it’s critical for some quests to have a balanced party. I’m camped out between thousand needles and hillsbrad foothills doing quests and rapidly raising my herbalism and alchemy skills. Right now money is the biggest problem, but after I do Blackfathom deep again I should be in the black again.


I played WOW during almost 2 weeks, I had a lvl 17 warlock, and I took the radical decision to … DELETE it and unistall the game from my computer.

Wow is a really amazingly nice game, but I had a real life to maintain :slight_smile:

“Remember, winners don’t use … WOW.
You too, say no to this s…” :slight_smile:


I feel your pain. I’ve pondered the same thing many times

If you’re low on cash try selling tradeskill components, since you’re a Herbalist you should sell any Fadeleaf you can find on the auction house since Rogues use it to make poisons, more specifically blind powder. Since everyone and their grandmother plays a Rogue you’ve got a unending demand for it. Potions are tough to sell since it can also drop off mobs as world loot.

You should be hitting Scarlet Monastary soon as well, a great instance and you should make out like a bandit in terms of gear and cash. Get to 40 and buy your horse, the undead steed owns :smiley: .

I’ve had great fortune money wise when I went for Helcular’s rod and had to kill 40+ yeti for it. I have a good quantity of fadeleaf and my herbalism is almost 250 and I’m only level 33. I need to get me Alchemy up to artisan level because I’m almost at the 225 cut off for the current level. I can actually take on more thasn one monster at my level now, whereas before it was an automatic butt whoopin.

just wondering. i doubt there are many english speakers interested in playing WoW in chinese, but if there are maybe we could start a guild or something. If you’re learning chinese it’s a good way to practice… er, sort of. PM me if interested.

oh, i’m playing on 天空之牆 server. don’t have any chars on other servers but i could always start a new one.