World of Warcraft Raiding from TW

So, after getting expat’d here from the US I’ve had a hard time finding any guild that raids at a time that I could make here in TW. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks trying to find any WoW recruitment site that lets you filter by raid times but no such site exists yet. Was wondering if any of you knew of any raiding guilds on the US/Oceanic servers that are recruiting for TW-ish raid times (7pm+) or any website/forum for their raid times?


Short answer: No.

Long answer: No, but…

There are English speaking folks on the Taiwanese servers, and you don’t need to speak/read Chinese to join.

I am in an English speaking Guild that raids regularly with a multi-national player base. Week-day raids are at a time that’s compatible with cram school teachers.

We are on 憤怒使 server, the guild is ‘coffeenottea’.

This website: goes through setting up a US/EU client on the Taiwanese servers, and it’s remarkably easy - my Chinese sucks, and I can do it!

Feel free to pm me if you need any help.

So you pay for a separate asian account then? Last time I checked with Blizzard, I’d need a new copy of WoW + expacs in order to play on the EU or Asia servers

edit: nevermind, read it in the spoilers in the link you linked

question though, what are your raid times?

You do not need a new copy of WoW, or any x-pacs. My copy is EU original, except for MoP, which Blizz was kind enough to supply me with automatically.

You will need to buy Battlenet credit (it works out at about $NT300 for a month, and any 7-11, etc, will have it) and apply it to a valid account on the Taiwanese realms- again, the link above gives some guidance. It isn’t hard to do, and doesn’t need any Chinese language ability.

So do you find
some WoW recruitment sites?

I know this thread is a year old, but in the past I joined some Australian raiding guilds and the time worked well for me.