World Order in Taiwan


I’m sure they’d be a big hit in Portland.


They might have to wear plaid, flannel dress shirts in Portland, though.


That’s shinagawa station, I’ve passed through it quite often at rush hour.

The human wave of salary men and women streaming past is something to behold . But it’s also a little depressing as you know they do this most days.


That would be a nice culturally sensitive touch. Or they could just keep their original outfits and add some questionable hipster facial hair.


They could do both and be huge in Asheville. I mean yuuuge-er, as I’m sure the message is already popular there.


fwiw, I think Trump has been pretty clear that he doesn’t think the US is “getting a good deal” leading the free world for the past 50 years or so. His shorthand for that has been “make America number one” and “make America great again” since at least 2015. Not a popular message everywhere, I’ll grant you that.

I find the outrage in this video a little baffling nonetheless. Do Japanese music groups perhaps not watch CNN?


What World Order doesn’t realize is that a strong America is good for Japan and Asia in general. Without the continued military balance between the U.S. and China in the Western Pacific, the whole region becomes China’s sphere of influence. And I think all those people who complain about “American imperialism” are going to find living under the Chinese boot to be a much more unpleasant experience. Yet World Order thinks it’s cool and artistic to mock the leader of the only country that stands between Japan and the People’s Army.


Well call me cynical, but I suspect that what WO does realize is that being anti-Trump sells, and being pro-Trump doesn’t, in 2018.


Japan is going to be blown to smithereens as soon as the first shot is shot. Taiwan goes, they go, game over.


So you’d think the Japanese would show a little gratitude to the country that keeps that from happening.


Strong America ships fled when confronted by Chinese ships in international waters. Much talk, much deals under the table, much Twitter, no knowledge or real action as deterrence. Less gasoline, bit more strenght.


I guess it’s possible, but I have to say that your sentiment reminds me of Des Moines right after 9/11, insisting that they’re at dire risk of annihilation by Islamic terrorism.

I’m thinking that you may have some assumptions baked into your conclusion.


Much talk indeed. The fact is that the military balance is still there, and if America wants to maintain it, it needs to be strong.


Oh gratitude they have. We are on the same position. But neither has backup, real backup I mean. Both will be run over in less than 24 hours. Both China and NK have big logs on their shoulders and revenge on their minds.


Oh another Trump thread. Pathetic guys.


Yep, but so far US troops have been overcome by contractors, cheap bids and little support in the homefront. The ones doing tge fighting suffer under lack if communication with the ones doing decisions. And the ones doing decisions think of their bank accounts first.

Soldiers not weapons win wars. And motivation is not on US side. America first, remember?


Everything comes down to it again, like pulling the plug on the toilet. Yet they keep asking why? Why a music video ends up as a Trump discussion.


The point of America first is to build a stronger economy, and you can’t have a strong military without a strong economy.


World Order is the one who made it a topic. Which of course they did to sell albums.


?? Who is “they”?