World Surfing Reserve for Taiwan

So if Devon can be one why not in Taitung south coast? I would think that part of Taitung has better surf than North Devon beaches.

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Really. The Donghe area of Taiung County is much better,

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They hold international competitions already (pre covid).

also the average temperature cold, wet, windy like all Uk
and also … Shock after man pictured snorting white powder off book in city centre - Devon Live

North Devon District, UK Weather averages

Taitung County Weather averages

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some videos


I thought you mean windsurfing or kitesurfing.
Always wonders me why people bother to surf with those tiny waves here in Taiwan on surfboards the size of SUP missing paddles…

Great wind on the other hand very often (sure some bigger waves would be nice for kitesurfing too). And Penghu with the right wind can get nice waves but they are too messy for surfing.

Waves are bigger in Taitung and not tiny especially in the Fall/Winter. That’s why the international competitions are there.

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My son riding one of those tiny waves in Donghe


So how many days do you have waves like this? Smaller I would not bother… But yeah that’s nice

Great photo , looks so cool !

Nice one! I always wonder…sharks. all seafood jokes aside, are sharks an issue here? People never seem to mention them. Seem more preoccupied with jellyfish. Have the fishermen cleared out all the big fish risks here?

Never seen a shark, but still have scars from jellyfish!

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