World War 2 Prison camp

I’m a bit of a woorld war 2 history buff. I read some stuff recently about POW’s that were interned on the ISland, mostly British I think, in an area in the North of the Island. I can’t remember what it was called…Kinkasaki I think.

I would be really be interested in pursuing some further reading on this… any suggestions?

Also, if anyone has visited the area, what was it like?



The book to get is Banzai You Bastards, by Jack Edwards. The author, along with several other POWs who survived the appropriately nicknamed “hell camp” of Kinkaseki, came to Taiwan again last year. I was fortunate enough to meet him then.

John Ross also has a chapter about the camp in his book Formosan Odyssey.

And the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society has a good website you should also check out.

I haven’t been to the camp myself, but I know others on this list have.


Have read Formosan Odyssey, by John Ross… a great book that I would reccomend to any Waigoren worth his salt who is planning on sticking around for a while…

Thanks for the info…have a direction to steer my studies now… :slight_smile: