World's Biggest Starbucks Opened in Shanghai


To add perspective, apparently you can fit the entire population of Taiwan inside.


You can fit 23 million people in a 30,000-square-foot space?


Isn’t that like half the size of a football field? 23000000 people in that area…I guess if you don’t mind creating a grotesque human Jenga tower of Babel it may be doable?


Sure. All you need is some of these guys.


I don’t think you know how much 23 million is. It’s not 23 thousand.


The number of zeroes is irrelevant. If you push hard enough, they’ll fit. It’s basic physics. :sunglasses:


You only added hyperbole and gross exaggeration. Your point would have been better if you hadn’t gone so overboard in your comparison.

Still… what a hellhole that Starbucks would be. SBucks already has crappy coffee. The only reason I go there is because they have a subdued, comfortable atmosphere. This sounds like sitting in the middle of Grand Central Station during rush hour.


I agree, sounds like a place I’d avoid. A large building built by chinese people filled with chinese people. I’ll either lose my mind with people spitting on the ground and taking a dump in the middle of the place, or die from the developer cheaping out on building materials or die from trampling and pushing. If you’ve lived in China, you do your best to avoid where there are a lot of people.


I learned that lesson the hard way when I went to the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010. Still have traumatic flashbacks.


I see what you did there. :wink:


It’s not bad when you don’t consider their products coffee. They serve coffee flavor sugarly drinks, which are nice. I like their cakes too.


I actually don’t mind them as much as other people. The coffee is above average, and the couches are damn comfortable (when you can get them). The steep prices are really obnoxious for the quality of the product they’re serving though. I think McDonalds has better coffee, and it’s about half the price. On the downside, you actually have to enter a McDonalds.


You really want to do this with mediocre and overpriced coffee? I bet they don’t even have toilet paper, sugar, cream or anything people will take out. Worse part of china was having to eat the food and play Russian roulette with if it’s going to give you exploding diarrhea, finding a bathroom that you pay for, and getting in realizing theres no toilet paper because people would just steal it.


I guess this comment was not obviously understood be be a joke




Hmmmn… after reading more about this MegaBucks I might be willing to give it a shot. They’ll have craft beers made from Kenyan and Guatemalan coffee beans, and an artisanal bakery. Plus, it doesn’t look quite like the shithole I imagined.

Inside the World’s Biggest Starbucks


A football field as in ‘soccer’ is 5000 sq mtrs, double the size of this Starbucks.


oh, woosh woosh, we have beer that tastes like coffee without the use of coffee beans.


I don’t believe you. Prove it by sending me a care package of… oh, let’s say a six-pack of these coffee beers. You know, so I can believe you. :smirk:


As disgusting as this video looks, waves of humans like that one are actually quite fun (wear a mouthguard)