World's Biggest Starbucks Opened in Shanghai


On the plus side, this Shanghai mega branch (and indeed all the Starbucks in China now) is not operated by Tong Yi (aka UniPresident), who sold their controlling share–so I believe it would be better than consuming the sh*tty nonfresh product UniPresident continues to serve in Starbucks here in Taiwan.








I honestly can’t taste any difference between the Starbucks in Taiwan, and the Starbucks I’ve had in other countries including the US. It all tastes like the same generic, slightly above-average product.


Starbucks over brew their coffee to keep the taste consistent. They have a way to brew it that should make it all taste about the same.


If you happen to visit Japan, check out a Starbucks there. Same basic product served with much more care; better quality milk (duh!); and signage actually indicating what is being brewed. In Taiwan the sign will say, for example, “Pike” and I ask: “Is it really Pike today?” They check, and no, it’s actually Kenya, or some completely dissimilar product. Even after realizing the signage is wrong, they carry on as if nothing has happened. I have never seen Starbucks anywhere else so indifferent about the product they serve.

/rant over



Eh, well fortunately there’s a lot of great, small independent drip-coffee places here. I guess I never noticed, because I go to Starbucks for 2 reasons; (a) the comfy chairs, and (b) a quick boost of caffeine. It’s like the Heineken of coffee; if you drink it for the taste, you’re doing it wrong.


The only thing I like from Starbucks is the frappacino. I think I drank like 5 venti ones to try to put on weight once in high school before a football game. So damn skinny then, my stomach was like a black hole. No matter what I eat, I could never gain weight.

Not a fan of coffee, I hate having to rely on something like caffeine to get me going.


Idk which starbucks you went to in Japan but I was in Kyoto and Osaka like in January this year and their beverages and cakes tasted exactly the same as the ones I’ve had in Taiwan. The only difference is that they had honeymelon frappucino which I desperately wanted to try out but it was always sold out before noon.

Then I had a sakura frappucino, which was borderline horrible.


Ive been to the biggest one in Korea. Just sayin.
They are so busy most people order on an app and queue to collect.


Wow. Chacun à son goût.



C’est la même chose en France aussi. Selon moi en tous cas.


Sorry, sometimes things need to be spelled out. :wink:


Caffeine? What caffeine? It’s basically a big cup of steamed (shitty tasting) milk, and I start to nod off every time I have one.



The company said it opens a store in the country at a rate of one every 15 hours.


Meanwhile Starbucks Taiwan, franchised ownership by a different company than China, chooses to stocks their shelves like this.


Economy must be really in the doldrums.


As long as they have my lemon tart I’m good.


Honestly I think that’s it.

Did you notice they cancelled Xmas this year.

Cos that’s what it feels like!