Worlds tallest man saves two dolphins

Another one for the crazy files… Thoughts anybody?

Go go gadget…

That’s hilarious. I was sure it was some kind of a joke. Only in China. With 1.3 billion people, when technology isn’t available, there’s always the right man for the job.

I can just imagine the conversation between the vet and the dolphin caretaker guy…

Vet: “Oh man, that plastic’s stuck too far down their throats! If only there were someone here with really long arms.”
Caretaker Guy: “Who do we know who has REALLY long arms? Erm…”
Vet: “l know… that bloke from the paper, the world’s tallest man.”
Caretaker Guy: “The one who lives in Alley 3?”
Vet: “You mean the house with the really big door?”
Caretaker Guy: “No the other one.”

Dolphins are actually very intelligent and enlightened souls. According to their traditions, now that the tall guy has saved their lives, they have to serve him, slithering and flopping behind him wherever he may go.

This is the best story ever.
Stu, you gave me my first morning laugh.

I heard that dolphins are highly sexed and young males are very aggressive. Just cos they can do that sonar sh*t and click and that people get all excited about them. You ask me, an elephant is smarter than a dolphin. They can hear for miles, they talk together, have social order, remember their dead etc. Of course, they can’t swim well or jump through hoops, but they are wicked good at football.
The more we understand about other species the dumber the dolphin seems to me. Hell even them meerkats and mongooses talk to each other. And have you heard hippos? They gots land and water languages going on! Ants, they only have to touch to communicate.
Them dolphins can’t even cough and they are dumb enough to eat plastic!
Dolphins, I’ve had enough of the whole species!

I said to Funk500 they must have used the giant cos there were no dwarves around.

How did the dolphins get up the tree in the first place ?

Tuna nets. Haven’t figured those out, yet, have they?

All I’m saying is, if I were on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, I would NOT have a dolphin on my ‘phone a friend’ list…

[quote=“Buttercup”]Tuna nets. Haven’t figured those out, yet, have they?

All I’m saying is, if I were on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, I would have a dolphin on my ‘phone a friend’ list…[/quote]

Fool! The chances of you getting a good phone signal, are much more remote in the ocean than in the savannah. Besides, a dolphin would probably be off raping its own brother or something. I’d call an elephant myself.

Pft. Maybe for the sport questions…

More cutting-edge research into delphine sexuality:

“Everyone–out of the water!”

Well, it seems our hero has just got married.

[quote]BEIJING, China (AP) – After searching high and low, the world’s tallest man has married a woman two-thirds his height, a Chinese newspaper reported Wednesday.

Bao Xishun, a 7-foot-9-inch (2.36-meter) herdsman from Inner Mongolia, married saleswoman Xia Shujian, who was 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) tall, several days ago, the Beijing New reported.[/quote]

Will his wacky adventures never end?

More good news for our hero!

After serious problems trying to find suitable furniture, especially a bed, a company has agreed to custom-make it for him.

Not only do you get the girl when you save a dolphin, you also get a set of free furniture…so unfair.

How come there are no dolphins gagging on something when I’m around?

The female dolphin can time her orgasm to match that of her human male lover.

Big man meets little man. The world’s tallest meets the world’s smallest.

Years ago the world’s smallest woman was living in the Guinness Book of Records or whatever it’s called in Taizhong. My then flat mate used to hang around there and on the odd occasion bring Madge back to our place where I’d have to carry her up the stairs, BTW (she may have been the smallest but she was by no means the lightest). Madge claimed she was living in a room that was previously remodelled for the world’s tallest woman. Anyway, the world’s tallest woman was apparently unhappy with her lot and kept trying to flee - usually by flagging down a taxi and trying to lay in the boot.

Only in Taiwan I dare say.

South African Madge Bester - The world’s smallest woman. She did a great line in pocketing money for snaps. People paid NT$100 a photo with her and apparently the crowds were always lengthy. She kept all the loot under her agreement with Guinness.