World's Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads (Taiwan has one of them!)

Found this list on a website. But it stupidly put the first first. Which is bad presentation. So I reversed it for you…more climatic that way. Ya know?

#5: Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan

#4: Russian Siberian Road to Yakutsk

#3: Most Dangerous Tourist Hiking Trail (China)

#2: Guoliang Tunnel in Taihang mountains (China)

Number 1 is in Bolivia:

Taken from here: … _the_world

Interesting blog post. Not totally correct, though. Actually, Taroko’s not on the top five. How often do you hear of a “bus plunge” there anyway?

The original top five, from which that blog post was ripped off, are here: … world.html

Taroko’s just a kind of honorable mention on the next page: … art-2.html
But there aren’t any statistics.

Yeah, Taroko don’t compare even a bit with any of the others posted.
The Bolivia one is bloody scary though. Geez!!

I’ve seen video footage from a documentary about this subject of the Bolivia mountain road. Pants, shitting in.

"…more climatic that way. Ya know? "
Mordeth, is that a simple spelling mistake or
a better pun?

I’d call the Chungheng pretty mild compared with any of those others.

That Bolivian road is unbelievable. The link says 100-200 people die on it annually, and yet it’s still used.

Man! And I thought the Moki Dugway in Utah was white-knuckle driving: