Worldwide volunteering for kids


Probably wrong forum but wasn’t sure where else to post this. Please move if really inappropriate.

I was always interested in volunteering work with children, considering it again. But, there’s one big caveat: it would have to be no-expenses kind of operation.
When researching this before I could never actually find anything such, it’s always required that you will be able to support yourself regarding food & accomodation, or simply pay a big lump sum of money to some organisation.

Granted, I didn’t really research that in-depth, and I heard an acquintance mention recently that she have done a year in Africa with basic expenses covered. Do you know any websites or resources I could check regarding this subject?


First world countries may send volunteers to 3rd world countries by their tax money.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme

If you have special skills, this kind of projects.

If you are highly committed, something like this.


If you are a US citizen, Peace Corps.