Worst Album Covers Ever

Alien, you have truly established your gay credentials. Some of those pictures are making me hot, hot, hot…

Who said 70s porn had no style

I agree with Alien.

Help me help you.

This Dead cover always made me feel good… and a high school girlfriend painted it for me… really nice watercolor… very nice… then my college girl took it and didn’t give it back :x

I like this one:


I sent the original link to a publishing friend in Oslo. They are gonna print all of the cover pics for some Norweigan humour magazine.

Wow, I bet few can even remember what and who Mrs. Miller was. She was unique, gotta give her that.

The 12 Top Hits from the original link here…hepcats! That is one COOL cover. Who could think otherwise?

After seeing all these pictures, what can I say ?

I’m scared, I want my mummy :cry:

It is true that today’s music purchasers do not have the eye candy that we oldsters did. Sure, there is packaging with CDs but going micro didn’t help the cover artist.
I remember following all the lyrics on the double-album “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” – Genesis. Today you need a magnifying glass to even make out the words.
“Dont Shoot Me (I’m Only the Piano Player)” – Elton John had all those pages inside…with the pastelish pics. Those days are forever gone.