Worst Album Covers of All Time

These were sent to me by way of a friend in Texas, from another friend in Brazil. Both are vinyl hunters and part time record detectives. The following are but a few of their choicest finds: clearly the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are a deep well of some of the worst/funniest album covers ever made. Please feel free to comment, add captions, or post some of your own.

I saw these a few years ago packaged up on some guy’s website, and found them just simply unreal.

The kicker for me is Freddie Gage, All My Friends Are Dead.
‘Piss your pants’ laughing material.

I’ll try and find the link to this guy’s site on my computer. He had pages of the stuff. There was this real good one with a guy with hook hands. Whoa…

Satan is Real… :roflmao:

Thanks OP…That made my day

The funniest for me:

Devastatin’ Dave - The turntable slave…ZIP ZAP RAP… :bravo:

By the way, those guys on the “Satan is real” cover, look truly happy about it! ha ha!

I’m sure this makes me a horrible person, but when i saw The Braillettes I just about fell off my chair.

Take a look at the museum of bad album covers. Hours of fun.


:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: …I can’t stop… :roflmao: :roflmao:

That John Bult albulm cover is freaky though. Is he a rapist in real life?

[quote=“cfimages”]Take a look at the museum of bad album covers. Hours of fun.


Zounds… you’re right. Makes my initial offerings seem much less “substantial”

There’s more here about the Louvin Brothers’ “Satan is Real”

[quote]It was Ira Louvin—the older brother, the songwriter, the genius—who in 1958 designed the cover of the Louvin Brothers’ most famous album, Satan Is Real: a photograph of him and his brother, Charlie (in matching white linen suits, pink shirts, and squared-off blue ties), singing, arms outstretched, before what look to be the pits of Hell. Looming behind their backs, amid the flames: a big red devil, complete with fangs, horns, and a bloody pitchfork. As Charlie explained years later:

"Ira built that set. The devil was twelve feet tall, built out of plywood. We went to this rock quarry and then took old tires and soaked them in kerosene, got them to burn good. It had just started to sprinkle rain when we got that picture taken. Those rocks, when they get hot, they blow up. They were throwing pieces of rock up into the air".[/quote][img]http://www.killingthebuddha.com/images/louvins/side_detail.jpg[/img]

Sorry, it’s Saturday night and I’m totally bored so here are a few thoughts that come to mind. I really don’t want to offend but . . . . sorry . . . . my humor probably offends many. For what it is worth, here is what I would tell these folks or what my warped mind tells them.

My humble captions and advice, for what it’s worth:
Ken! Listen up boy, " trim the stash and definately lose the leisure suit. Come on dude. Are you for real? are you gay???

Hey you Crusaders! Why do “Crusaders” have to have white ties? Is this a heavenly mandate? Come on- and the white pants. Arn’t you a bit afraid of skid marks? And the guy on the left - hell, I’m fatter than you but I, at least, know how to suck in my gut. Keep singing for salvation folks. Ya’all need to.

And “Cody”? Hell, boy, you must be a used car salesman! I’ve seen more sincere smiles on my slut girlfriend. Stop perming and get a real job instead of that used car gig you have now.

" Geraldine"? Get your thumb out of my ass or I swear, I will put this wooden leg in places you NEVER dreamed it wood fit"

Hey! You! Ya you fuck head Dave! You point at me one more time, I’m going to have my brother, who will be here in a moment, kick your ass. (My brother did this to me often - That’s why I’m so fu**ed up. It’s his fault.

Ahhhhhhhh, “Joyce?” I mean no offense, but . . … . I have to tell you, wouldn’t do you even with my brother’s d***/ And WTF did you do to your hair?

Wow! Really? Pregnant again? I thought you learned how to swallow those condoms. Well, don’t worry, I have a new business plan. I am going to market cowboy hat feathers.

“Let me touch him”? Come on! Is the heavenly uniform? And, by the way, for me, you touch me dude - well hell, I’m putting glasses up you your rosy red a**. BTW, Do you masturbate

Are the Mc keithrawhaoevers - - are they really brothers and sister? Hell, I would have some husbandly questions. Regardless, mom says, " sorry, I have a confession to make" No problem." I would still tell the kid to get the bees out of her hair. Really? Can you imagine that ten pounds of hairspray on your sheets?

Millie? Go back to hooking! This a gig isn’t going to do it for you but I really like the muscle memory mouth thing you have going. Maybe you can use that in Sci-Fi.
Mille Does The Man FRom Gormeth! (I couldn’t use Dallas)

Relans -Olevans - How the hell can I tell? Try for yourself. But for me, It is’nt so much in a name but I look at this, and a sincere apology to my alternate lifestyle friends but even you would have to agree, MY ASS GETS WORRIED!!! Where the hell are these so called straight guys clothes.? My coment?? Sorry - My folowing comment has been edited in deference to my more enlightened friends.

Edit forthcoming. Gotta heheheh (get a drink - It’s Sat. night and I’m home looking at this shit so give me a break.)


This game is closed. I have found the winnter.

Definitely NOT work safe.

Carnivorous Erection

Title says all. Click link at your own risk.

I am serious. Don’t click.[/url]

Ha ha ha! Seriously - girls don’t click, and guys be prepared for the nightmare bj of your life!

And either look at the camera or away. But not both at the same time!!

I had always wonder if becoming a recording artist involved both talent and looks. This thread has clearly answered that question. Damn, the 70’s were a sad time in the annals of fashion…

This is a good thread. It’s made me realize what it is that attracts people to religion. Music and style.

I had to bring this thread back to life to post this great album cover I stumbled across today (apologies if it’s already posted. I can’t see most of the images anymore (thanks, IT guys)).

Ooh! I saw that on another site. I’m thinking of making it my screenshot.

[quote=“irishstu”]I had to bring this thread back to life to post this great album cover I stumbled across today (apologies if it’s already posted. I can’t see most of the images anymore (thanks, IT guys).


Nooooooooooooo! My eyes! My eyes!!! :runaway:

the two on the sides have to be boys and the one in the middle is a possible boy.

Scary stuff

[quote=“StuartCa”]the two on the sides have to be boys and the one in the middle is a possible boy.

Scary stuff[/quote]Don’t say mean things about my Mum.