Worst and best dating experiences

:astonished: Hey my friend told me the same story about the 4 inch hair thing too…hmmmm… :ponder:

I think I should write a novel about my dating experiences in Taiwan. The first 100 pages will be really scary and the last 300 pages will be blank.

I was doing great with this chick. She had been calling me up a lot and inviting me out, so I said yes.

We went for a drive, as I know birds dig my wheels, and she suggested we get a few beers and go sit in a park. So I obliged.

Well, everything ws going swimingly, when suddenly she started talking about this Ben Affleck lookalike she had the hots for, and went into detail about what a crap date it was because he took the bus home. Then I realised that this was not the girl for me. :raspberry:

This is just weird. I look nothing like Ben Affleck. And I arrived on a pogo stick, not the bus. Although she does deserve credit for not mentioning that I vomited into her handbag.

Oh, Sandman, I almost forgot…here’s that pic of you arriving at the last Happy Hour:

You see that? You see? THAT’S the calibre of man she cast aside like so much un-prosperous toilet paper! I ASK you? What is WRONG with women these days?
Just LOOK would you? I even wore my toupee – if that’s not dressing to impress then I simply don’t know what is.

I bet I have intercourse with her more often than you do. :raspberry:

Well what the hell do you expect? Woman doesn’t dig pogo sticks, so what chance do I have?

I totally blew it. But hey, I know where he lives. I did drive him home, remember? :laughing:

He also had this real Hollywood name. You know, the type of name where all three names sound like first names. Dang, I could be a Mrs Tracey with a “y.”

Well, if you change your mind, be sure to wear gloves and don’t leave a paper trail. :wink: