Worst fastfood ever


As for American fastfood “resturants” in Taiwan…I’d have to say Wendy’s was extreemly disappointing. I like Wendy’s in America…but last time I tried them in Taiwan it was just plain nasty. I mean, BigMac tastes the same…Whopper tastes the same…but Wendy’s butchers their hamburgers.


I think that the reason you had a bad experience is because the shop you went to was not really Wendy’s, just someone using their name.

To my knowledge, the Wendy’s hamburger chain closed up shop and left Taiwan over a year ago.


Maybe even longer than that. Story goes that the family that owned the Wendy’s franchise dropped it quite suddenly. So suddenly that it still held the leases for most of the locations.

Acting quickly, the owners picked up Fish Hunter (a NZ fastfood chain) to replace the Wendys. Fish Hunter hung around for a while (2 years?) before it, too, finally failed.

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Can’t remember the name, but that Taiwanese Chicken place is the pits. You know, the one with the fried sweet potatos.
And I have always found Lotteria revolting. Wretch.

Mos Burger’s pretty tolerable, though!


As for Wendy’s…the last time I had it in Taiwan was a couple years ago. When I went back the next year I noticed it was gone. Can’t blame the Wendy’s family for closing the stores…horrible food!

quote[quote]Can't remember the name, but that Taiwanese Chicken place is the pits. You know, the one with the fried sweet potatos. [/quote]

Alien, are you talking about Ding Gua Gua? I actually like the sweet potatos.

Why have American fast food, when you can get stuff on the street that’s fast, better tasting, and probably cheaper? Like salted chicken, etc. etc.?


Do you mean that “chicken-anus-on-a-stick”? I first thought it was a chicken kebab but as soon as I bit into it I heard a nasty crunching sound. My Taiwanese friend quickly explained the situation… I should have known better.



Pizza Hut has cut back on quality - again! Their lasagna used to be quite good, I liked the stringy cheese and broccoli on top, but now the beef mince has been replaced with G-- only knows what (probably the same stuff they put in the
“Kitten Chow Mein”) and it’s very, very nasty!
Damn this disgusting food!


When Burger King first started up here, they sold this really delicious lemon pie. I guess they did it to get new customers, because they discontinued it after a while. Oh, but it was good!


Anybody remember Hardee’s? That was good fast food. And they had real salads, with salad dressing imported from the states.


I have to second Alien. Lotteria wins hands down.


But Subway is the only fastfood which (if you order wisely)might NOT give you heart disease or diabetes.

KFC hot & spicey chicken breast has 505 calories and 44 grams of fat!

Big Mac has 590 calories and 34 grams!

and they don’t even list the nutritional information on the
Burger King website!!!




I remember comparing a while back and Burger King was the King in calories and fat. No wonder they don’t post nutritional info on the web

quote[quote] I have to second Alien. Lotteria wins hands down [/quote]

The Lotteria in Korea had “Shrimp Burger” (battered and fried like Fish-o-let). Those were good. Not sure if Taiwan has them. Anybody?


The last few times I visited KFC (at least at the branch near where I live), they didn’t have any “original” flavor chicken on sale.
Is this just a shortage of The secret recipe stuff, or has KFC decided to ditch its original recipe chicken altogether?
I refuse to eat the spicy stuff as the last time I did, i ended up visiting the dentist with a broken tooth.
If KFC is heading the way of serving only spicy chicken in a seasoned kevlar coating, then Colonel Sanders is gonna get my vote as the crappiest fast food in Taiwan.

Though I have to say, KFC proves an excellent source of entertainment in the rainy season, due to their specially-selected slippery tile floors and an insistence to sweep them with a greasy mop.

When you’re feeling miserable, watching a parade of people fall ass-over-tip carrying a tray full of chicken pieces and cups of coke is priceless.