Worst film I've seen for ages

IrishWife rented a movie the other day called “If Only” with Jennifer Love Hewitt (also partly produced by her).

What a load of crap.

The worst bit of all is that just when we thought it was over, she sang an entire song on-stage (in what seemed to be an advertisement for herself).

Even my wife thought it was one of the worst she’d ever seen.

Anyone else been unlucky enough to have seen this?

If only.

If only we hadn’t rented it…

I’ve actually seen another film called “If only” (AKA “The man with rain in his shoes”) that wasn’t bad. Stars
Lena Headey, Douglas Henshall and Pen

Is this her? Never heard of her.

Yup, that’s her. Now you know why I was willing to watch it in the first place.

Does she get naked in the movie?

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Is this her? Never heard of her.


Is there anyone you DONT have a nudie of?

Victor Borge :stuck_out_tongue:

She doesn’t get nude in the movie, but she does blatently flash her underwear at the beginning, in a cheap way to get more people to watch the movie (she fooled me, for example).

A thong? A g-string? Bra? What color?

The bra’s nice but the underpants are like granny ones.

I looked up the movie title “If Only” on IMBand found this: [quote]Plot Outline: Two boys long for each other during a high school ball. [/quote]

Now we know what IrishStu really watches :howyoudoin:

Oops, sorry, there are at least four movies with this title…
Here are some reviews of Hewitt’s. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332136/usercomments?start=50
There are many really glowing reviews on IMD, so I’ll just quote from some of the negatives:

A true waste of time…While against what some might call reason, i rather like Jennifer Love Hewitt, this movie was really terrible…its hard to tell if the acting was bad , since the script is so awful i don’t think even good actors could have made this movie seem plausible or at least fun to watch.
…i would like to finish with a positive note, so i will say this: the good thing about this movie is that after a while it ends. …Don’t say i didn’t warn you. …I can’t believe I watched the whole pucked up movie…I hated it! …First Time I actually walked out of a Movie!..Pathetic!..Anybody who says this movie is any more than worst is not your friend…This is one of the worst movie’s I’ve ever seen. Jennifer Love Hewitt is the worst actress I’ve ever seen outside of a adult film.

My advice to her: Stick to photos girl! Leave the acting to the pros like Pamela Anderson! :wink:

Actually, I’ve seen her act in other stuff. I thought she was great in Party of Five, where I first noticed her.

Not sure about “Tuxedo” or “Garfield” (Haven’t even seen that one), but the real problem with “If Only” was that it was a really crap movie, and honestly looked like she was making a deliberate attempt to advertise her soon-to-begin singing career.

See? It’s working even in print. :laughing:

See? It’s working even in print. :laughing:[/quote]

I’m easily entertained.