Worst Music Video Ever

Is this it?

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I liked it every much!

That is Santo Cilauro, an Australian comedian/TV personality. Love that guy… he needs his own thread imo :slight_smile:

I like the idea, but Zlad!'s Supersonic Electronic was a joke. We should focus on legitimate productions!

This one lives up to the thread title. I challenge you to sit through this entire video.

This is a contender: No Way No Way by Vanilla

There are uncounted numbers of videos I can’t sit through though. Hard to gauge

Most of them posted by me , I confess :yum:

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Yeah, there’s never any drums

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I will not link the monstrosity of David Bowie and MIck Jagger duetting to Dancin’ in the Streets.

This has my vote.

At 1:46, what’s up with that?

Superior literal version.

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Breaking the Law by Judas Priest.

Can’t link on my phone, but it’s a cracker.

But i like that one. It’s just… Old and naive (?)

It does have something about it. Not entirely sure what.

Halford with hair and not looking supergay xD

Not like in painkiller.

Hell Bent for Leather was posted by someone else a while ago.

He’s out and proud now, which is great.

And that might have been me. I remember a comment in one of these videos, something like “who could tell he was gay?” xD

OK, it was probably this other one:

I also remember some interview with him relating how he felt when he was in the closet, his sneaky visits to the sex shops and so on, I think the poor guy was crying… must be tough.

Heavy metal is a weird thing. Ultra masculine at a teenage boy level, but at the same time gayer than Fight Club.

And why are so many of them from the West Midlands?

Yeah, I’ve thought of that before. Super tough, angry, bad guys screaming and wearing weird… so much attention and focus on guys and how tough/mainly they are… with a mainly male fan base paying so much attention to them.

Thanks God we have very feminine voices in heavy metal too: