Worst place you ever found a roach?

I found cockroach poo in a hairbrush once. Don’t know how long it had been there. Yes, this was a brush I used every day.

On my naked stomach … in the middle of the night…

I found a cockroach in Biloxi, Mississippi once. That’s the worst place.

Some things just live because the living is good![/quote]
Do humans have an ecological purpose? :smiley:

finding half a roach in your sandwich can be quite challenging for some people.

To build habitats for cockroaches, apparently.

found a roach the size of my palm upon waking up. it was chilling on the wall right next to the bed ie a few feet from my face.

on that note, I found a slug in an unopened box of cereal once…

Yes, this is one of the things I found most distressing about them. I’m trying to avoid one, and it actually appears to be a sentinent being that is panicking while looking for the best avenue of escape from the cat.

As for the worst place I have ever found one, it is definitely when I’m woken up by one crawling on me in bed.

Cockroaches often fly onto my shoulders and head when I am walking down the street.

Once I swatted a cockroach off of my head and (incidentally) onto another Taiwanese man’s head, who in turn swatted it back towards me. I swatted it to the ground, and the man chased the cockroach to finish it off with one furious stomp!

My girlfriend, who was a witness to all of this, is convinced that cockroaches love me.

Inside a brand new book. :frowning:

When I was living in sub-Saharan Africa, one night I got out of bed from under my mosquito net to go to the toilet and there were two massive roaches, one on either side of the doorway, at the same height as my head. Since so many roaches there were of the flying variety and I didn’t want to risk being traumatized for life, I got right back under that net and waited till morning. :astonished:

I was in Taichung about 8 years ago. My wife had to take an exam to get into a Teaching Program to certify private teacher to join the public school system. All the regular hotels were booked. We stayed in a small dive. There I was taking a shower in the tub when a roach saw me and rushed at me jumping right up my leg. It was a disgusting feeling…

Times have changed and I sort of look forward to seeing them and giving them a “Whap”

I found a roach in Coventry once. 2001. Almost felt sorry for it.

Growing up in Nature’s End-Boss Level made you immune to cockroaches disgustiness…

I feel sorry for everyone in Coventry.