Would taking yoga in Chinese be okay?

I plan to start yoga.

Options: commute for an English class or take a yoga class taught in Chinese which is a 5 minute walk away (I’m leaning towards the latter).

I think it should be okay and I can go with the flow…



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It shouldn’t be a problem. Also, many Taiwanese speak at least some English so the teacher will be able communicate with you. I did it for a while at a school and had no problem.

I’d say that your bigger concern should be whether the class you’re taking is actually yoga. Most of what is being taught here in Taiwan and in other countries is not really yoga. It’s more like bunch of stretches, exercises, and efforts to get you to buy fancy looking clothes and products that have little to do with yoga.


I thought it was best in Ancient Hindu or Sanskrit, for the real deal and the full effect.

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