Would you be willing to die and be buried in Taiwan as an expat?


My parents were both cremated and their ashes put in the ocean. This has proven comforting for me since moving away from the U.S. Now, whenever I want to “visit” them, all I have to do is go to any shore. Now I myself want this type of send off.


Seems to work very fast too …How long has it been there ? :thinking:


It’ll be a betel nut tree here.


Sweet. A typhoon will probably uproot the betel palm and there my skeleton will be, impaled on its taproot.

I like the idea of being the focus of a Tim Burton movie scene, too. :grin:


yeah here is fine. Such a depressing thought:frowning_face: Struggle through life and then die.
Just want my kids happy that’s all.


Be wary of a man who keeps a pig farm



In Taiwan, I can own the land on which I am 6 feet under.
How about China? Do I have to share the land ownership with some local 49 to 51?
What happens after 70 years? Will I be dug up and thrown into the trash.
During my last month of life, will I be considered a potential organ donor for some rich Taiwanese?



Kinda, do you know what corpse oil is? :shushing_face:


Hello, technological singularity in 2048! (singing) “I’m gonna live for-evah…!”


In the old country, they take you out of the family cript after 10 years, clean up the bones… anddispose of them in a common area, in order to make room for more people.

So even being buried does not guarantee you are going to be there forever and ever. Not to mention the expenses on maintenance, taxes for the property, etc.


I’m not willing to die in Taiwan, because I’m a migrant and wanting to go back to my home country.


Yea the op clearly needs more ‘social credit’ before doing that :wink:


Dreams With any luck in 60 years there wont be death, just a consciousness transfer to an android body, or another copy, or new body. Altered Carbon style.


As long as my android body isn’t running Android V18.3, I’d be interested in giving that a try.


Having lived abroad longer than my term growing up in U.S. I will be buried here next to my wife.

I have a will drawn up in the states to take care of loose ends there…without a will would be a nightmare to pull any money out of a bank or investment house. I need to make things easy for my wife.

My wife and I have bought one of those funeral packages so that if we happen to die at same time my wife’s family members will not get too stressed out about what we want regarding funeral.


I don’t plan on dying, so if anyone tries to bury me I will be most displeased.



I saw (ha!) what you did there.



Not sure if this should be a separate thread, but has anybody done this since the law was passed in January?