Would you buy a Demo car from a dealership?

How much abuse could a demo car take in Taiwan after 15,000-20,000 km?

Depends how much. 15 to 20K isn’t that much, and if they do services at the dealership it’s probably well maintained.

Probably better than most used cars as no one wants to crash the demo car.


Presumably it hasn’t been flooded either. @sulavaca, what’s your take?

That’s a thing?

Oddly my wife(local) also said the same, all second hand cars have been submerged

I suspect it’s just nativies imagining stuff

Can’t you get a 3rd party inspection? But I would imagine a legit dealer keeping their demo car in good condition because they using that car to sell a huge stock of cars they put on their lot.

Sulavaca is busy watching a film . He just served me a huge amount of food and he was last seen on a sofa , giggling with some girls , drinking wine :hugs:I’m on my way home to Taichung … sunshine

The demo cars often get used by people working at the dealership or corporate as every day drivers…I would have it inspected by someone you trust.

Nope. Taiwanese entrepreneurs exported hundreds of flooded cars to the old country and coincidentally the local press published that nothing was wrong with them, no danger in having them rescued from the waters…

Now people there are buying brand new Chinese cars. The local press insists they are as good as US ones, probably better.

Sadly , the Taiwanese hate to spend on maintenance. Brought some lovely cars to Taiwan from USA/Germany, with comprehensive service records …5 years later still not serviced . Sad. They complain about servicing costs on a very expensive car…much like that guy with the Ducati servicing costs …wait…Oh.:joy:

The ones I know service it religiously so i’m guessing it’s just like any other place where some people do and don’t.

We did lend out cars to customers . They were maintained , but always came back absolutely empty … running on fumes . Different rules sometimes . Bought a collectors 997 gt3 rs in California for a customer … just a few thousand miles and unmarked … took for the artc test in Lugan and an 18 year old tester , decided to drive it round the block . Crashed it . Much aggravation with that case . It’s just a big saving on certain models but some cars are not worth importing . Stilla pain that the Taiwanese are paying almost double for vehicles , than USA :pensive:

I know, made me wish I got that E92 M3 with the v8 now. It’s probably the thing I miss most about the US. Cars so cheap, gas so cheap. Get that nice big engine…i’m tired of these 2 liter engines with turbo in asia and Europe

Personally I don’t have an issue potentially purchasing an ex-demo model, as long as it has been driven and maintained well. Of course, as usual I recommend staying clear of Euro models overall due to their inferior quality/reliability and resale values.
As long as the car is inspected prior to purchase and all checks out then any used car can potentially be a huge saving over new.


Anyone you would recommend for this inspection service? :trollface:

Edit: Asked and answered! :rofl:

Pre Purchase Inspection