Would you do a crap job for 4 years?

Would you do a crappy, physically dangerous job that has negative health effects, and shift work, that pays about $75000 US a year, if you received a bonus of $200,000 US at the end of 4 years (but if you quit before then, you lose the bonus)?

Note: Not in Taiwan, but in the US or Canada.

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Depends on the details of the job.


4 years are a long time, but not too long and if it has a definite payout time this is a great plus. this is not like a performance bonus which is dependent on things you can’t control. here you just need to suck it up for 4 years and see the end goal.
200k usd is a substantial amount, I would do it,it would allow me to move my retirement to an earlier date, or financially secure one of my children (put a down payment on a house for them, or university education, create a savings and investment nest egg for them that can appreciate over time).

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Nope. Would not risk it for my health. There are always other safe ways to generate income.

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doesn’t matter for me, if I like the people I work with and the money is good and it’s legal I’d do it.

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Not in the US. I’d just lose all that money to the healthcare I’d need.


this job description can fit policemen, oil field workers, army officers, sea captain. all of them are professions I’d be comfortable with.


It is a crappy job. He already hates everything about it.

It depends on how it compares to the current gig. If I didn’t have many choices I’d definitely think about it. How reasonable expectation is it it to receive that bonus ? How much do you get taxed on that bonus ? How’s your physical health ?


Shoveling crap from a lion’s den.

it’s a job… I know many office workers that hate their job . the question is how much do you need the money, and if you like the people you work with.
my job doesn’t offer me a 2.5 year bonus if I stay longer…

Yes. Me, personally, is just not made for those profession.

75,000 usd a year is reasonable compensation for that. considering it doesn’t require any skills: only a shovel and agile movement

What if the shovel was the size of a spoon? And being that stressful for 4 years?

The suspense is killing me! What’s the job?! :crazy_face:

I’d do it, if another job pays more, let me know, I’ll switch .

I feel like this is a rhetorical question. I would need more info to answer it.

Thats about the going rate (maybe too high even) for many Airline Pilots there. Some are known to live in RV’s in Carparks near the Airports even.

Without going into exact specifics, let’s label it as Emergency Services.

Depends on the hours and possible exit ops.