Would you do a crap job for 4 years?

If not fired, what if you are laid off just before the end of the contract, foreign labour style?

Or they go under etc etc.

Those types of reasons are why i wouldnt trust a lot of private companies. Make aure your contract is solid. Then pray for 4 years.

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Should be pro rata after one year your 50000 per year x Four

Gohsn will most likely not be getting the retirement bonus he got in trouble for now will he

No. The dangerous part would turn me off, unless you’ve just been really unlucky. But hard work, tough conditions, etc. would be fine for me. In some ways after doing a desk job for years and years it would even be welcome, as long as I had some kind of end date in sight (which you do).

It’s a privilege to have such a choice. I sometimes wonder whether all the options we have are more a curse than a blessing.

I wouldn’t do a job I didn’t enjoy. At least, reasonably regular enjoyment.

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Right. You don’t have to LOOOOOOVE :heart: your job, but you have to be able to tolerate it at the very least. It shouldn’t be something you dread going to. If you hate it then you’re miserable and that’ll make the people around you miserable. I get @Noel is talking about a lot of money, but as long as you’re moderately well off then it’s not the most important thing in the world. Plus, promising you’ll get a big paycheck in 4 years is something that can fall through for so many reasons, not least of which that we’re looking down the barrel of another global recession.


I don’t think you should do this. Not because you aren’t so young anymore, but because there will (most likely) still be many years of your life left after age 51-52. You shouldn’t deliberately cut them short or spend them in poor health just for a check.

Yes, where do I sign and how soon can I start?

I am already doing a health deteriorating job and not paid a fraction of that money. It’s been 20 years, I want out!

Big awful things will keep on happening in the world, one needs a safe best with lots of «paper» - cash - to make it through.

@Noel get assigned a desk position, I know you don’t like it as much as being out but it’s obviously safer. Your work hours are not so brutal and I assume there’s some good work life balance and you aren’t expected to work when you’re not at work in normal situations.

That 200k is guaranteed and you have more security than most people have. That’s pretty good. Most jobs that I know, to make 75k and up will require 60-80 hour weeks and be on call for work at all times.

Didn’t take time to read the whole thread so my apologies if already mentioned, but how much guarantee is there to get the 200k at the end? I’d think it’s a risk that they could say sorry, we ran out of money but thanks for doing the work for us.

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It’s pretty much guaranteed. That’s why I say to stay and get reassigned to a safer desk position.

how much do you currently have saved up? that plays a big part too. if you have a reasonable amount, then sacrificing your next four years might not be worth it. but if you have like almost nothing saved up, then that amount of money might be able to give you a nice cushion going into your later years, esp with moving back to a lower cost of living in taiwan. 200k by itself can last over 10 years in taiwan if you live frugally.

You don’t know that.

I do, I know what he does. In any scenario that he’s not getting it, he has bigger worries. There are very few guarantees but this is as close as it gets.

You’re not in his company, you’re not listening in on committee meetings, performance reviews, shareholder meetings, budgetary meetings, etc. We are heading for a recession. It’s not good to blindly trust in job security at this point. You can say it’s likely or probable he will get the money (not sure I’d even agree with that). But it’s not responsible to 100% promise an absolute guarantee that he will get that money, when it’s impossible for you to know for sure.

Idk what to tell you. @Noel wants his privacy so I won’t reveal what he does. But what he does is as secure as job security gets. And that bonus is fully guaranteed. A recession isn’t going to impact it. He has said so himself and I can back it up. I don’t think it’s necessary to go into why, but that it is at this point.

The only 2 scenarios that I can see him not getting the bonus and losing his job is an erroneous mistake where he’s facing prison or the total collapse of a country. In both cases, the bonus is the least of his worries.

he said he is in emergency services, which to the best of my knowledge, in most countries are not a private business but a government position.
if you are a paramedic, fire fighter, nurse, police officer etc early retirement with full pension at 52 is a viable option. it also explains the risks involved in his line of work.
i would suck it up for that kind of money, but that’s me, if you already have millions in your bank account…
teaching English in a buxiban when you are in your 50s… not a choice i’d make, unless i am the business owner

Really depends on the other alternatives you have. If this is the best gig you can get and you need the money - yeah maybe, but the opportunity cost + health risks probably wouldn’t be worth it for most people.

Worked oil rigs and seismic exploration for five years so, yeah.

Man getting a job scares me even doing this 4 day course makes me feel anxious and exhausted afterwards and too tired to do anything afterwards, I think I’d hate having a job forcing myself out of bed and no one there will like me because I don’t talk and get upset with me when I make mistakes and then I’ll just go home and be tired and lonely and wait for the next day of misery

A government could cut a promised pension.