Would you drive a scooter in your country of origin?


Yes I would. I knew a couple of people who did change to a “motorscooter” for various reasons. I think they are an excellent urban vehicle.

Although, I was a long time Harley rider/owner prior to moving here in 2004.

no, I don’t even drive one here anymore.

No way, it would be suicide, especially in the winter…

27km to the nearest supermarket with 15 km on a rough dirt track. Don’t think so. Even the urban environments are sprawled out too far for scooter use. Scooters are good for high density urban environments with f-all parking.

  • people would laugh at you and call you a poof.

I would, and I have. Because it’s safe there to. Not very good at going up the hills where I live though. My nephew has just started driving one, with which I have no problem.

I refuse to drive here for obvious reasons.

If I were in America I’d get an old beat up car… I would still get a beat up car if I were to drive in Taiwan, because I wouldn’t risk my life over a scooter. I wouldn’t be driving at all in a dense urban environment. I’d use public transport.

You bet I would, but it would have to be a BWS or other such scooter that allows you to go on trails in the forest. Awesome to go camping, fishing, etc.


But what differentiates a girly bike from a real bike? Surely those activities that you described could be as actively pursued from the vantage of a Fazer F7 as from a gay (mildly pejorative), girly scooter?

Sure, but it will cost you more to buy, to register, to insure, to run, and you can’t have a dog at your feet. :slight_smile: In Canada, scooters aren’t girly. They are a teenagers’ thing because kids are allowed to ride a scooter two years before they are allowed to drive a car. 14 for scoots, and 16 for cars.

Besides, scooters aren’t girly at all. Doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. Try wiping out at 80km/hr, and I bet it will hurt just as much whether you are feminine or not. :wink:


It depends where I lived. If I had to commute on the freeway, then obviously not. But if I was limited to inner city travel, then yes I might ride one again. As I did at university back in the late 80’s. Sure, lots of insecure meathead males ridiculed my '65 Lambretta as being a girly bike. Which it most certainly was, as the young ladies at university would always be interested in a madcap chap on slick Italian job. I think it was the dark green metallic paint that was the lure. :discodance:
I still have that scooter in my cousin’s garage.

Let us not confuse Zespers with gay Japanese scooters.

Just to be pedantic I wouldn’t drive a scooter anywhere, I would in fact ride one.

Sure, I wouldn’t have a problem. Its other people’s problem if they can’t stand the sight of me riding one. If I have learned one thing in Taiwan its that convenience rules and is greatly appreciated.

A man in a long, pink raincoat is king when all around him people are sopping wet in a downpour. I would have a scooter if it suited my requirements. Likewise I think people who drive a beautiful luxury sports car and do their driving in Taipei are idiots with more money than sense.

My world just got turned upside-down. “drive a scooter” isn’t grammatically correct?? I guess I always thought ride and drive were interchangeable, except that ride could also definitely mean you were a passenger and not a, you know, driver.
I would have to say… why aren’t both correct?

Up in NW Arkansas, they became quite popular when gas hit the stratosphere. I haven’t seen more than a couple here, a bit more south. They make more sense here, though, as it doesn’t usually get as cold as up there. I’d ride one here–it would be perrrrrfect for getting to school and back where I am now–fewer than five miles. Alas, I don’t have one.

They are starting to become more popular here in Melbourne, but big bikes are still more popular. I’d have one because my commute is >20 mins on a bicycle >10 in a car and amazingly nearly an hour on public transport! I only need to change trams once but there is a 10 min walk at the office end.

Depending on my shifts I try to cycle twice a week.

When we move out to the 'burbs and buy a place I will seriously consider a moped.


I owned a small roadbike (suzuki 125 )when I was 17 and considered owning a scooter both suicidal and for girls. Nowadays I’m not in Taiwan and I’d rather just have a car.

God yes. Although it was “safer” to ride in Taiwan.

scooters don’t have to pay congestion charge in some major cities I have heard in the U.K. and so sales are booming in those areas.

Scooters are getting popular back home in San Francisco, but I preferred my Kawasaki ZR7S 750cc… Can’t fly down the highway on a scooter.