Would you rather spend 3 months in London or HK?

So in May, I will be either staying in London or HK or 3 months. Not sure about the job situation, maybe some basic job to have some income before taking the summer off in Italy to just take care of things before returning to the work force.

So both places are pretty expensive to live…plus and negatives of each guys?

And I have been to both places. I do prefer HK, but since i’m always in Asia, London could be a nice experience.

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Unless you have a working holiday visa or EU passport, will be hard to pick up casual work in London.

HK is super fun.

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you need to pay to take a dump in the london. so hey theres one negative for ya.

Just adding another vote for Hong Kong, I really enjoyed it there.

For three months without a job, I’d say London. I enjoy visiting Hong Kong, but it’s a small place. Plus London is closer to Europe if you ever want to take a weekend trip.

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I hear everyone will look at you funny in London.


well hopefully I can work. Could be something freelance or even a restaurant job.

Would love some living experiences from you guys. I know 3 months is not a long time but i do have to deal with everyday living in both cities. And I’ve only known both through visits. So I don’t have much input on daily eating, communizing, life in general.


Recalled paying two pounds for a bowl of rice. Here, it’s only 10 NT, sometimes free! Money aside, London.

It used to be common for people to go to Hong Kong to get away from London :rofl:

I think it depends on the season, and overall goals and objectives which are what by the way?

I go to Hong Kong, and other places like Paris but never London, to get away from Taiwan.

Which is more important to you: health (air quality) or safety (crime rate & threat of terrorism)?

Oh, well, that settles it, comrade! :star:

Of the two, I’d say London. And I say that as someone who grew up in the commuter area outside London and doesn’t have great memories of it. Wonderful place to stay for a while, which is sort of the question of this thread, but I’d never build a life there.

I love Hong Kong, I got married there, I’ve been half a dozen times and had a lot of fun. But as a place to actually live for a few months? I’d definitely pick London.

London is a wonderful place. You can get everywhere by Tube (as long as it isn’t under maintenance) or Barclay’s bike. Be prepared to spend a few extra £££ on housing, so you get a nice place. Fantastic polish food everywhere and you can grab nice salads at M&S or Pret. The weather should be nice around that time of the year too, probably above 5C and only 70% rain.

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I’ll second that.


Ok Paris isn’t an option

i think if i had to chose between the two it would depend on what sort of accomodation situation i was getting myself into and what part of each city. you could be living in relative hell or paradise in either city.

with thst said, if you like outdoor stuff like beaches n hiking etc then id pick HK. stand up comedy and beers id pick London.

HK is good for trips into China.

I assume both accommodations will be nice. London will be a lawfirm, HK would be from the embassy.

Food confort and entertainment is what I’m wondering. Also I’m a pretty avid athlete/gym guy. So access to gyms and hopefully some sports activities would be a plus. Might check out night life here and there but not really why I’ll be there. And I’m assuming HK would be the only place I could work legally? And a ROC and US citizen realistically for a short time like 3 months.

you can get a working holiday visa for the uk using your roc passport if you are younger than 30.

here is the link https://www.gov.uk/tier-5-youth-mobility

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