Would you refuse a UK honor from the Queen?

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Would you refuse a UK honor from the Queen?

A new list of refuseniks has been leeked to the presse today, and some interesting names and comments appear in this article. I quite agree. Down with the monarchy, and down with these absurd “honors.” and screw Jagger for accepting the Sir stuff. Damn. Whatever happens to the Old Values? Silence, cunning, exile!

According to the documents, J G Ballard, author of Empire of the Sun, turned down a CBE this year for “services to literature”. He told the paper he was opposed to the “preposterous charade” of the honors system.

“Thousands of medals are given out in the name of a non-existent empire. It makes us look a laughing stock and encourages deference to the crown,” he said. “I think it is exploited by politicians and always has been.”

And Branagh also turned down the CBE, says the Sunday Times.
Finney, who recently won an Emmy ands the British equivalent, a Bafta, for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill in the television film “The Gathering Storm” Finney has criticized the idea of knighting people as “a disease which perpetuates snobbery”.

I don’t think it’s something you would ever need to worry about For-moose-a,

You’re not a British Citizen, hence you are illegible. And your acheivements will go unrecognised :really:

Sir Fluffy Matthew BSE

As a Canuck and a Brit, I would accept an honour from the queen. But only if she could also give me a funky hairdo like this.
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I have always admired former Labour MP, Tony Benn, who renounced his hereditary title of Viscount Stangate in order to keep his seat in the House of Commons. He was largely responsible for the passage of the Peerage Act (1963), which allowed peers to renounce their titles and run for a seat in the Commons.


I would settle for nothing less but the presidency of the USA.

Maybe with fred’s support … ?

I thought non-British subjects were also eligible for honors if deemed worthy by whoever it is who decides these things. (James Baker got one awhile back.) They just can’t use “Sir” or “Dame” in front of their names.

Interesting trivia: Gandhi turned down UK knighthood, but was never nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize–owing to British objections. (Things worked differently back then.)

i wouldn’t wipe my arse on a knights hood!
the monarchy is there simply to attract rich american tourists. unfortunatley, this makes london a no-go area.

[quote=“Southpaw”]I wouldn’t wipe my arse on a knights hood!
the monarchy is there simply to attract rich American tourists. unfortunatley, this makes london a no-go area.[/quote]


Internet Law #348 rears its head again: Somehow, someway, every discussion eventually devolves into slagging off America. Blaming the English monarchy on “bloody Yanks” is a bit of a stretch, even for Guardian-reading leftist-limeys. :sunglasses:

Any stats to back this up?