Would you sell out Taiwan to the Mainland?

Would you do it? If you lived here for a number of years, would you sell secrets to the P.R.C.? If you could go home to the U.S.A. with peace of mind? And buy an acreage? Would you do it? (please stop following my grammar and spelling Im… whatever) Would you do it?
Don’t be shy!

Of course not. Why do so many Taiwanese and Chinese people think all foreigners are spies? I’ve never been accused of being a spy anywhere else, but here and in Sichuan I heard it all the time.
Plus, what secrests do you think we would know?
And - even if it were just for the money, which it isn’t in most spy cases - hey, we can afford to buy our own acreages.

I would sell my Forumosa password to the highest bidder.

My PM is full of State secrets, not to mention secret hacks for World of Warcraft.

International agent of intrigue will be your English conversation partner for the night.

I’ve lived here a number of years, and I don’t know shit.

I’d do it for a bottle of Tsingtao and one of those nice Mao jackets they all wear.

for years I’ve been waiting for someone from the PRC to ask me for the GPS co-ordinates of the asshole guy down the road from me who kicks his dogs and puts out cat traps… I’d gladly give them the missle targeting info for his house… other that I’m not at liberty to divulge any further information at this time…

Heh, I would sell your Forumosa password to the highest bidder… :laughing:

That was a joke. I would never betray a Forumosan’s trust - not even on pain of death!

I would sell bits of Taiwan, like Sanchong or Jiayi, but I don’t think I would get much for them.

I would sell them all the wrong secrets, which is all I know anyway…

I certainly would not ever consider betraying my adopted homeland.

I used to routinely work on highly confidential government files that would have been of great interest to Beijing. Then, some years back (still in the days of KMT rule), some bright spark legislator suggested that Taiwan’s government departments had been infiltrated by foreign spies and that the government needed to take greater care in protecting its secrets from their prying eyes. So the Executive Yuan responded by passing a directive that no foreign nationals should be allowed to see any confidential documents, and I ceased to receive such files. After a year or so, this directive was forgotten, things gradually returned to the way they had been before, and the confidential files began appearing on my desk again, including some on top secret matters of the highest national importance.

I sometimes used to muse on whether Beijing had me in its sights and might send a beautiful female agent to seduce me in a bid to pry some valuable information out of me. But as far as I’m aware, no such thing ever occurred (I’m pretty sure that none of those xiaojies could possibly have been PRC agents). I’m confident that I would never have divulged anything that I shouldn’t have, for money or any other inducement, though if that Chinese Mata Hari had made her appearance when I was still single, I might have partaken of the pleasures on offer while feeding her only non-confidential and made-up information to pass back to her masters.

Would I sell out Taiwan? No, can’t say I would but then again, if those deviously clever Chinese found out my liking for Binlang girls and Pringles, or better still, Pringles on Binlang girls, then I could be a gonna!! :wink:

I would sell some Taiwan Company secrets to theyr Chinese Counterparts for 50% of Macao…

I thought the way to do it was to sell all your secrets to the KMT. History repeats itself, so it shows sooner or later they’ll get duped by the CCP again and there goes your secrets.

Its no secret that high ranking US military officers are in Taiwan training our specialized soldiers. Its no secret that there’s a bunch of US run reconaissance bases in Taiwan aimed straight at China.

Janes tells you a bunch nowadays, and Google Maps hands you the rest. You can even check out troop deployments by paying small fees to commercial satellite companies.

Satellite tracking is the hottest thing right now, like Dark Star, trying to figure out when you move up and when to ‘freeze’.

Last month we got satellite pictures of a secret Chinese submarine base that was recently expanded. We were watching the construction. The higher number of cars. The concrete trucks, etc etc. Things are much more open nowadays than say the 70’s.