Would you visit Hong Kong now?

I kinda want to go in late September to visit someone but everyone keeps saying it’s a really stupid idea.


  • Yes
  • No

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I dunno. I wouldn’t. I mean, my friends there are still living their lives relatively normally apart from being tear-gassed from above, but it’s probably not an ideal time to visit.

Well I wouldn’t get near the protest area so I’m not too worried about the tear gas, but there’s always a chance that they might block the airport again and that’s just a nightmare.

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As an up and coming photojournalist I’m itching to go.

Also Clockenflap is in November so I have to go.

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But they gather in different areas. Even if you don’t go to protest areas, they may go to you…

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that’s a pretty big “APART FROM” if you ask me!

I think that if anyone at a HK/chinese airport did a quick check of my social media I’d end up with the Uyghurs, so I’ve been trying to avoid it.

I went last week. Hotels are a lot cheaper than usual.


That sounds good.

Translation: he spent a week in jail but he’s under surveillance and can’t #expose the system


I was just about to mention this, too. They already did it one time. You could just be lucky enough to go when they do it again.

Who knows what will happen within the next month, though.

See, silver lining.

If I were going alone, yes.

If I were going with my wife and toddler, no.

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My one kid’s going on Monday.

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i understand the itch.

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Might I recommend hydrocortisone?

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Or a flea collar?

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not unless you like that kind of travel stress.

I figured a poll would work better so vote away.

I lived a tranquil college existence. Sometimes I wish I took part in more protests, got arrested, etc.

Chen said Li cares a lot about civic movements and has posted information related to the ongoing anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong on Facebook. His family worries that this could be related to his missing.

Lmao I’ll never be able to go to HK/china again.

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