Wound healing centers?

Hello fellow forumosans. I’m new to the forum, so despite my best search efforts please forgive me if I missed a similar thread on this earlier! I recently had an outpatient surgery at Cathay General Hospital in Taipei, and I had a very pleasant experience there with friendly, helpful doctors who willingly scheduled follow-up appointments, etc.

Since the surgery my wound, which is small, has been very slow to heal. I have read that this is typical among patients of my condition. I found some support groups online, which recommend finding one of these wound care centers. Apparently, surgeons commonly don’t know enough about post-op healing, let alone slow-healing wounds. According to those forums, it’s another level of expertise.

So does such a place exist in or around Taipei? I’m ready to go visit one immediately! Any advice on private clinics, hospitals, or other centers that might have departments or specialists for wound care and healing are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any recommendations out there!!

You should probably go to a hospital and ask them there. They would know better I reckon.