Wow! Cool holiday idea!

And the UK is full of enough hidden attractions to easily fill two weeks, from JCB rides at Diggerland to museums devoted entirely to barometers or lawnmowers.

Now that looks like a cool thing to do on your holidays. Any other ideas?

holy kwak,some peoples know how to have fun…


Why not treat your own home as a hotel, put your feet up and use the holiday fund to hire staff to do everything for you. You can hire a butler for around £40 an hour and for just £10 more he can even be naked - a service provided by Be My Butler.

If you don’t want to look at the same four walls, rent somewhere in your own town or city for a week. Pat Duggleby lives in York and last Christmas rented a penthouse flat in the city for a week-long holiday.

Susanna Beves, from Worcestershire, has even taken a holiday in a caravan in her own back garden. “We put it behind some trees so we were out of view of the house,” she says.

Christina Gladwin, near Sheffield, went a step further when she stayed at home for her holiday. “We did a world tour from home,” she says. “We decided to pretend to be in a different country each day of the week. We didn’t do everyday things and that’s what made it a holiday.” [/quote] :help: :astonished: