WoW cosplay girls!

Hey I like these gaming chicks !! … re=related

These were hired models, even the short one, who “felt pressure” from being with so many thin, tall, vapid women.

They weren’t the real deal. One of them mentions that “This is the first time I’ve worked wearing shower-slippers” -proving that she must be educated and upper class since a vast majority of the population here do indeed start their work day in shower slippers.

One mentions that her hair is fake, another that she was happy to be there “to make friends with the customers”

The rest of it disappeared in a mist of oblivion since they seemed to be the type of women men just look at not listen to.

So- beautiful women will only dress nerdy if you pay them well.

This must just shatter the fantasies of young men all over the island who hope to one day have sex with a cartoon character and see a real, naked girl with boobies too.

I was like OMG…YES BOOBIES !!!