Wrap around clear / yellow shades + lock pricing

I’d like to get some wrap around plastic shades for those times when I can’t stand to have the visor down.

any suggestions on where? sure sure I can go to any old shop, but I’ve been finding most of them have cheapo non optically correct visual distorsions.

also, i need a new u-lock for the rear wheel. how much should i be paying? I am looking for a straight key vs. steal me bic round key.

Try squinting your eyes.

Go for a good pair of shooting glasses instead (eyeglasses used for shooting fire arms they also refract light and glare.)

Buy a car…won’t have to physically contend with weather and road conditions. You can even install a TV and it will feel like your living room.

fine. where to get a pair of shooting glasses? at the local gun store :help:

Sporting glasses of many types…like used for snowboarding…etc. I use yellow tinted NIKE glasses that I got at a shoe shop. They are great. Cost about 1300, though.

I wouldn’t get a U-lock. Get a disc lock…they lock onto your disc brake. They are smaller more convenient and probably cheaper than a U-lock. But they are much harder to disable. They are better all around. They cost about 350 n.t. for a good one.

try any bicycle shop… they usually have a good range of wrap around eye wear that’s designed to stay put when moving…

get whatever look you can afford that looks the most impressive, since there’s no lock invented that’ll actually guarantee your bike won’t get nicked… ideally you want to lock your bike to something solid so they can’t just put it in a truck or wheel it away… short U locks are rubbish, but longer ones that are made of chromoly steel and can be used to lock the bike to a pole or something are useful…

disc locks are okay, but easily bypassed by just unscrewing the disc and riding away with the disc and disc lock hanging off the axle… you reduce the chances of that happening with one of these XENA alarm discs… I’ve had one for about 2 years and it’s bomb proof and attracts a LOT of attention if anyone even touches your bike…