Writers and editors section

There should be a writers and editors category on Forumosa. I realize there are already billions of categories ( I exaggerate a bit ) but perhaps one more will not hurt. I sense that some of the regulars are in the word biz either as writers or editors and a section where they could talk about such things as:
The going rate for words
Publishing contracts
Publishers/magazines/papers to work for and Publishers/magazines/papers that are best avoided
And general word business gossip.

Any possibility of this?
take care,
p.s. Wolf could moderate it, he loves the Taiwanese word business world.

There is a thread entitled [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/calling-all-editors/1087/1 All Editors[/url].

Yes, I don’t see where there are that many threads strictly about writing and editing to make it a category. English teaching is a no-brainer because it’s probably the No. 1 employment category (real or perceived!) for foreigners in Taiwan, but writing/editing, while widespread, IMHO doesn’t need a forum of its own. Unless maybe people wanted to put up a “Discussions on Other Professions” sort of forum, to encompass all the non-teaching pursuits?

I think an all encompasing “other professions” forum would be justified, as Iron Lady so graciously states.

Sure, a writer’s forum. Then you’ll need forums for engineers, lawyers, contractors, mormon missionaries, pub owners, diplomats, etc., etc., etc.

Well, if we can get the Mormon missionaries to agree that their calling belongs in the “other professions” category, we should be OK with an “other professions”…or maybe we should start out calling it “Other Callings” just to accomodate them? :smiley: