Writing a will - how does it all work in Taiwan?

So, the title says it all. How do wills work in Taiwan?

I’m guessing I can’t just type something up myself and sign it.

How much do will writing services usually cost?

Should I get a will in both the UK and Taiwan? Are there any implications of doing this?

Are wills enforceable in Taiwan?
I want to make sure my child gets my money, not my wife’s parents if me and my wife died.


Blurb below is from
Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management Considerations in Taiwan

Estate planning⁄Will

A person may, through the execution of a will, freely dispose property as long as the arrangements of the will do not violate the rules regarding reserved portions of assets for statutory heirs. Five types of wills are valid in Taiwan: (1) holographic wills, (2) notarized wills, (3) sealed wills, (4) dictated wills, and (5) oral wills.