Writing, Developing, and Posting Online Courses

What if someone wanted to post online courses about Taiwan history, law, and related topics …

Is there a desirable and/or widely used type of course-management software which would facilitate this? And enable this course material to be available to the widest number of people?

Or are some online sites available where this type of course material could be written, developed, and posted online?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Moodle is probably the easiest CMS. http://moodle.org/

I set up an installation that teachers are welcome to use for free. It’s located at http://elearning.site25.net.That site is pretty quiet at the moment. If you’re interested, create yourself an account, let me know what your username is, and I’ll give you ‘course creator’ status, which means you’ll be able to create, manage, and teach a course. Better yet, create a course and just play around with it to get familiar with the system.

If you have your own server or hosted space, you can easily install Moodle (it’s free). It uses a standard php/mysql/apache platform.

I also have somewhat of a template mashup system that I’ve set up for a couple teachers. You can see the basic setup at http://kaohsiung.site25.net (The permissions on that site are set very open. They can be tightened up of course). That type of setup might require more knowledge of HTML, depending on what you want to do, as it doesn’t have a built in WYSIWYG editor like Moodle does. Optionally, you can use the wiki, forum, and blog in that setup as the main means of interaction and learning, meaning little or know HTML would be needed. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of setup, Moodle and my custom mashup.

I don’t check this site often, and I can’t remember what Email address I used for my forumosa account, so if you want to get ahold of me to use the above site, best to contact me via that site.

Good luck.

I went to this site and set up an account.

I played around with the site for a bit, but I still cannot find where the course content is.

I found some “Notices” for students …

I am looking for things like Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, … that kind of material. I want to see how it is set up.

By the way, how is coursework set up on youtube.com/edu/ … ?? I have not had a chance to check out that site yet …

Hartzell, perhaps this link will help you get started.

It’s been a while since I used Moodle, but I think it is pretty good.
You should be able to fiqure out how to create your lessons after a few days of mucking with it.

Good luck