Writing Prize Competition US$20,000 1st Prize

The subject of The Shell Economist 5th writing prize competition ‘Import workers or export jobs?’ was recently debated in a thread, one I can’t quite find at the moment. Now seeing so many of us have expressed our opinions, why don’t we (if I have the time I will definitely enter an essay for the second time) see if we can earn some (a considerable amount by the way) by putting our thoughts into a cohesive 2000-word essay.

One need not be a Columbia University Economics’ professor either, as you will see from the competition’s Website (www.shelleconomistprize.com) most winners have been ordinary Joes like you and me. Further details can also be found on the site, including essays by past winners.

Below is the email I received from the organisers:

[quote]Dear Alan,

This year sees the fifth anniversary of the Shell Economist writing prize competition, and we hope very much that you will consider entering. The theme is ‘Import workers or export jobs?’

Points to consider
Should developing nations be allowed to ‘poach’ skilled professional labour from countries who have helped pay for this expertise? Or is the influx of immigrants, whether skilled or unskilled, a positive force, bringing either expertise or ambition and hard work to the host nation?

The above is, of course, just a starting point. We’re looking forward to essays that touch on some or all of these questions and go further, while providing a new, fresh perspective and real insight into the issues involved.

US$65,000 to be won
From a total prize fund of US$65,000, the winner of the competition will receive US$20,000, while the prizes for the second and third place runners up are US$10,000 and US$5,000 respectively.

You can find all the details you need - such as maximum word count and the closing date - on our Web site www.shelleconomistprize.com.

So, if you decide to rise to the challenge and enter the competition, good luck. We look forward to receiving your essay.

Best regards,
Shell and The Economist[/quote]