Written level checks

Does anyone know where I can get hold of written/multiple choice level checks for adults and children? I can produce my own but it would obviously save me time if there is already one online I can download and ammend - or perhaps one of you guys have an electronic version you are willing to make available?


Tom Thorne.

Do you mean a test of students’ writing skills?

Multiple choice? You gotta be kidding. :noway:

Why don’t you just assign them a short essay? Any subject will do. What I would like to do with my Summer vacation? Who do I most admire and why? What career I would enjoy and why. Etc.

Give them 20 minutes to write in class and with just a glance you should be able to know their abilities.

Or did I miss something?

Yes, a test of their written skills. To be honest it’s not really necessary as I can easily find out the level of an adult’s English during the oral check. However, it does look a little more professional if you have a formal written test and the standard method is multiple choice. It’s more to do with meeting the expectations of customers really.

Sorry Theresa - I wasn’t making myself clear. I’m talking about checking a student’s English ability when they want to join my school and I’m deciding which class they study in. In my previous experience the adult students were given a multiple choice written test followed by an oral test with a teacher.